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NOCTUA NA-SAV2 Anti-Vibration Mounts

NOCTUA NA-SAV2 Anti-Vibration Mounts

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Product code: NA-SAV2
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The NASAV2 is a fan accessory set consisting of twenty NAAV2 AntiVibration Mounts for up to five fans. Replacing standard fan screws the NAAV2 mounts allow for a convenient quick and vibrationfree installation of fans in standard case fan mounting holes. The doubleside design makes the NAAV2 easier to work with in space restricted environments and thanks to the use of premium grade rubber these mounts are extra soft and highly tearproof at the same time. Switching standard fan screws for NAAV2 mounts can drastically reduce structureborne noises and makes this set a perfect complement for Noctua's redux and industrialEPC fans! Caution The NAAV2 mounts are compatible with all Noctua fans as well as third party fans with open flange frames and standard 4.3mm diameter mounting holes.

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