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Manfrotto tripod kit MK290LTA3-3W

Manfrotto tripod kit MK290LTA3-3W

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Brand: Manfrotto
Product code: MK290LTA3-3W
  • 8024221647860,
  • 719821392088
Warranty: 12 months

The new 290 Light is the first sturdy supports of the 290 collection dedicated to hobbyist photographers that is also easy to carry.

The 290 Light is a 3-section tripod, the smallest in the 290 range, featuring aluminium leg tubes and aluminium top casting enhancing rigidity, durability and performance. Its aluminium leg-locking levers are tension-adjustable, so they can be tightened to counteract any effects of aging or wear, keeping the tripod fully functional throughout its long lifespan. Two leg angle position settings enable low-angle shooting, and a rapid centre column adds flexibility extending the min-max height range. A new rubber legwarmer guarantees comfortable grip and maximum ergonomics.

The 290 Light comes as a kit with a three-way photo head specifically designed for compactness and transportability, while also allowing precise framing and solid support of medium-heavy camera equipment. The head's distinguishing feature is its unique handle-folding mechanism for when the head is not in use. The three-way head is made of Adapto, a special lightweight polymer which keeps it extremely lightweight while guaranteeing high mechanical resistance for sturdy support.
KAAL (g) 1870570
Kõrgus (mm) 90
Komplekti sisu KiirkinnitusplaatStatiivStatiivipea
Materjal AlumiiniumTehnopolümeer
Maksimaalne töökõrgus 140 – 160 cm144 cm
Minimaalne töökõrgus 50 – 60 cm41,5 cm
Pikkus transpordiasendis 60 – 80 cm55,5 cm
Maksimaalne koormus 4 kg
Jala sektsioonide arv 3
Pea kinnitus 3/8"
Jala diameeter 15,5 mm22,5 mm19 mm
Värvus Must
Kandevõime 3,5 – 5 kg
Töökõrgus kesksambata 125,5 cm
Jalgade kaldenurgad 23°51°
Pea tüüp 3-suunaline pea
Lood Jah, 3
Kiirkinnitusplaat 200PL-14
Kaamera kinnitus 1/4"
Komplekt Statiivikomplekt
Panoraampööre Ei
Kinnitus statiivile 3/8"
Maksimaalne töökoormus 4 kg
Statiivi mudel MT290LTA3
Külgkalle -30° / +90°
Pea mudel MH293D3-Q2
Ette/taha kalle -30° / +90°

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