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Canon EOS M10 body, black

Canon EOS M10 body, black

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Brand: Canon
Product code: 0584C002
  • 4549292059151
Warranty: 12 months

The EOS M10 camera features a lightweight, comfortably designed body that's easy to hold and take with you. From overseas vacations to backyard family gatherings, the EOS M10's compact size means it can easily be on hand, without getting in the way. A built-in thumb grip also lets you grasp the body securely, while the rounded edges make holding the camera easier when recording long video clips. All this while still featuring the image quality for which Canon EOS cameras are so well known.

18.0 megapixel sensor
The 18.0 megapixel CMOS sensor captures lots of detail with very little image noise. The sensor itself is APS-C type, which is the same size as the sensor found in Canon's EOS series of cameras. The high resolution means you can crop the image to focus on one section, or have enough detail to print large photos to display or give to your family and friends. An ISO range of 100–12800 (expandable to 25600) lets you capture images on bright sunny beaches and darkened streets.

DIGIC 6 Image Processor
Complementing the EOS M10's camera's CMOS sensor, Canon's DIGIC 6 Image Processor not only speeds up camera operations, but also helps enhance a number of the camera's advanced features. The DIGIC 6 Image Processor aids the camera's sensor in capturing detailed images with reduced noise at high ISOs and enables high-quality movie capture with a number of different movie compressions including MP4. On top of that, it enhances the camera's Dynamic Image Stabilization system and even helps improve the AF system's face detection accuracy.

Fast focus
Life happens fast, and there's little worse than missing out on capturing that perfect moment because the camera was too slow to focus. The EOS M10 camera uses Canon's Hybrid CMOS AF II autofocus system, which measures up to 49 different points in an image quickly and accurately to help get it in focus. In addition, face detection and object tracking help keep the subject of your photo focused, even if they move. What's more, the EOS M10 is compatible with all EF-M lenses, which feature an AF+MF mode that lets you easily combine the speed of autofocus with the creative flourish possible with manual focus.

3.0-inch tilt-type LCD monitor
It's vital to see if you've composed the photo you want. The EOS M10 camera's 3.0-inch touch screen has 1.04 million pixels, letting you preview images in high detail. It can pivot a full 180°, meaning you can capture a unique dog's-eye-view of the world or flip the screen up to get that epic selfie.

Intuitive touch screen for selfies, quick focusing and shooting and easy menu navigation
Thanks to a clean menu design and a responsive 3.0-inch touchscreen, the EOS M10 camera is simple to use. A single touch lets you select where in the image you want to focus, helping ensure the photo you take is the photo you want. Menus are easily accessible with either hand, so you don't have to take your finger off the shutter to adjust a setting quickly. Scrolling through images you've taken is as easy as a swipe, and you can zoom in to check detail and focus with two fingers.

FullHD videos at 24p and 25p in MP4 Format
The EOS M10 camera can capture 1920×1080 FullHD video at frame rates of both 24p and 25p, and can record in MP4 format for easy sharing online.

Moviemaking made easy with manual movie control
The EOS M10 camera is a fine moviemaking tool. With touch-activated AF and a number of manual controls available, it's easy to make intuitive setting adjustments silently and on the fly using the EOS M10's dials and touch operations.

Creative photographic options
With its built-in Creative Assist feature, the EOS M10 camera makes it simple to change camera settings in real time and see the effects as they happen. Whether adjusting brightness, sharpness, contrast, color tone and intensity or even moving to monochromatic images, the EOS M10 makes it easy for novices and professionals alike to find just the right look to match the emotion or tone of the image. Up to six personal settings can be saved and applied anytime when composing other images. Additionally, images shared from other photographers can be imported into the EOS M10, which can then display their settings and even apply them to the scene at hand. By helping the photographer to understand how different settings affect the look and feel of the photo or video, the EOS M10 can be an excellent learning tool.

Your stunning selfie
Everyone wants to look great in photos, and the EOS M10 camera's Self Portrait mode helps make sure your selfie catches you looking incredible. It's accessible in the menu, or via a shortcut button when the touch screen is flipped all the way up. Self Portrait mode can make adjustments ranging from smooth skin tones and background blurring to brightness and more. On top of that, a customizable self-timer helps makes sure you capture the picture you want, whether you need two seconds to flash a quick smile or ten seconds to gather your friends together for a group photo.

Built-in WiFi
The EOS M10 camera is designed to make WiFi connections fast and easy. It can exchange data with other WiFi compatible Canon cameras, connect directly to Canon's Connect Station CS100 device, upload directly to various web services like CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, Facebook® and YouTube, and even play back images and movies on DLNA-compatible digital electronics.
With the Canon Camera Connect app installed, the EOS M10 camera connects to and can be controlled by your compatible smartphone or tablet for simple remote shooting. Plus, it can also connect and print directly to IP-compatible printers.

Built-in NFC capability
With its built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) capability, the EOS M10 camera connects directly to NFC-compliant Android devices by simply touching the NFC icon located on the camera to the device.
KAUGJUHTIMINE Läbi ühendatud nutitelefoni
USB miniUSB 2.0
Video miniHDMI (Type C)
Laius (mm) 108
Mikrofon Integreeritud stereomikrofon
Kõrgus (mm) 66,6
Komplekti sisu Liitiumaku LP-E12Akulaadija LC-E12EUSB kaabel IFC-400PCUKaamerarihm
Värvus Must
Komplekt Ainult kere
Ilmastikukindlus Puudub
Ühendused WiFiNFC
Ekraani tüüp TFT LCD
Puutetundlik Jah
Vastupidavus 255 kaadrit (CIPA)
Sobivad objektiivid Canon EF & EF-S objektiivid EF-EOS M adapterigaCanon EF-M objektiivid
Juhtarv 5 (m, ISO 100)
Element LP-E12 liitiumaku
Kere Canon EOS M10
Kaamera bajonett Canon EF-M
Juhtmevaba võrk WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Pildistabilisaator PuudubKasutab objektiivisisest stabilisaatorit
Sensori tüüp CMOS
Video lahutusvõime [FullHD] 1920 × 1080 30p/25p
Efektiivseid megapiksleid 18
Megapiksleid 18 megapikslit
Sensori suurus Poolkaader
Sensori mõõt 22,3 × 14,9 mmAPS-C
Pilditöötlusprotsessor DiG!C 6
Särirežiimid ManuaalIntelligent AutoHybrid AutoStseeni valikEriefektidProgrammAvaprioriteetSäriprioriteet
Digitaalsed filtrid Jah
Videosalvestus FullHD 1920 × 1080
Muud mõõdud [FullHD] 1920 × 1080 24p[HD] 1280 × 720 60p/50p[VGA] 640 × 480 30p/25p
Video salvestusvorming MP4 (Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC; Audio: AAC-LC stereo)
Säriajad 1/4000 – 30 sek1/3 EV sammuga
Suurim pildimõõt pikslites 5184 × 3456
Teravustamisrežiimid ÜhekordneJälgiv
Ekraani mõõt (tolle) 3,0
Pildipunkte 1 040 000
Ekraani asend Kallutatav
Mälukaardi pesade arv 1
Mälukaardi tüüp SDSDHCSDXC (UHS-I)
Mälukaardi sobivus SDHCSDXC
Täiskaader Ei
Lõikefaktor 1,6×
Külgede suhe 3:2Saab valida ka 16:9, 1:1
Väikseim pildimõõt pikslites 720 × 480
ISO tundlikkuse ulatus 100 – 12 800Laiendatav kuni ISO 25 6001/3 EV sammuga
Filtrid Primaarvärvide filterMadalpääsfilter
Värviruum sRGB
Teravustamissensor Hybrid CMOS AF IITTL faasituvastus
Teravustamispunkti valik Automaatne punkti valikÜks punkt (saab valida kõikide punktide hulgast)Puuteekraanilt valitav
Teravustamise abivalgus Jah
Särimõõtmine TTL särimõõtmineKasutades pildisensorit
Režiimid KeskmestatudOsalinePunktMulti-segment (hindav)
Särikompensatsioon ±3 EV1/3 EV sammuga
Stseeniprogrammid 6
Võtterežiimid Üks kaaderSarivõteIseavaja 2 sekIseavaja 10 sekDistantspäästik
Foto sarivõte 4,2 kaadrit/sekJPEG: kuni 1000 kaadritRAW: kuni 7 kaadrit
Värvustasakaalu valikud AutoPäikePilvesVarjusHõõglampPäevavalguslampVälklampKasutaja seadistatudValgetasakaalu kompensatsioon (±9 astet B/A teljel ning M/G teljel)
Kaadri katvus 100%
Seadistamine Eredus (5 astet)
Välklambi tüüp Integreeritud TTL välklamp
Välgurežiimid AutoSundvälkVälgukeeldSünkroniseerimine pika säriajagaSünkroniseerimine särituse algusegaSünkroniseerimine särituse lõpugaManuaal
Elektrooniline lood Ei
Panoraamvõte Ei
HDR võte Jah
Intervallvõte Ei
Kaamera mõõt Keskmine hübriidkaamera
Tolmueemaldus EOS integreeritud tolmueemaldussüsteem
Objektiivi sobivus Canon EF-M objektiivid
Teravustamispunkte 49
Teravustamissensori tööulatus 1 – 18 EV
Käsitsi teravustamise abi Focus Peaking
Fookuslukk JahAF-L/AE-L nupuga
Säriluku võimalus AE-L/AF-L nupugaManuaalselt AE luku nupu abil loomingulistes režiimides
Särikahveldus 3 kaadrit±2 EV1/3 EV sammuga
Katik Elektroonilise esimese kardina ja mehaanilise teise kardinaga katik
Värvustasakaalu kahveldus Ei
Värvustasakaalu mõõtmine CMOS pildisensoriga tuvastamine
RAW CRW14 bit Canoni originaal-RAW, 2. versioon
Live View otsevaade Jah
Välgu võimsuse kompensatsioon ±2 EV1/3 EV sammuga
Välgu sünkroniseerimine 1/200 sek
Särimõõtmise tööulatus 1 – 20 EV
Kaal (koos aku ja mälukaardiga) 310 g
Väline toide ACK-E12 vooluadapter
Salvestuse kestvus 29 minutit 59 sekundit või 4 GB fail
Katvus 15 mm (35mm ekvivalendina 24 mm)
Elektrooniline esimene kardin Jah

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