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Digitaallaud Wacom Intuos4 XL DTP Intuos, juhtmevaba, USB, 462 x 305, 0.25, 0.5, 2.5

Digitaallaud Wacom Intuos4 XL DTP Intuos...

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Tellimisel toode: 27.01.2017 tk
Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva


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817 €

Tootja: Wacom
Tootekood: PTK-1240-D
  • 4949268614368
Garantiiaeg: 24 kuud

NB! Kirjelduses võib esineda ebatäpsusi või olla muus keeles. Palume võtta ühendust, kui soovite saada täiendavat lisainfot selle toote kohta eesti keeles.

Wacom Intuos4 XL DTP, Intuos. tahvelarvuti: juhtmevaba, USB, 462 x 305. Pen: 0.25. hiir: 0.5. Connectivity: 2.5. Weight & dimensions: 623 x 462 x 28. Other funktsioonid: Microsoft XP (SP2), Microsoft Vista, MacOS X 10.4.8

The innovative Intuos4 XL Pen tahvelarvuti comes in a new compelling ergonomic design and marks a new level of performance and funktsioonid. It′s size is ideal for optimising use of the entire working area in widescreen and dual-monitor environments. It′s also ideal for HDTV video editing. Designed for high-end workstation use, the Intuos4 XL represents the ultimate in a large high-performance graphics tahvelarvuti. The ergonomic cushioned Grip Pen, in combination with the freely programmable ExpressKeys and Touch Ring, optimises workflow, efficiency and productivity in creative applications. The special CAD configuration contains the Intuos4 Lens Cursor instead of the Intuos4 Pen. funktsioonid & Benefits - New Wacom Tip Sensor with 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity - Ambidextrous design - User-defined Touch Ring with toggle functionality - 8 customisable ExpressKeys™ including OLED-displays on M, L and XL tahvelarvuti models - New radial menus for fast access to shortcuts - Grip Pen with pen stand, colour identification rings, thick-bodied replacement grip, 5 standard nibs, 1 stroke nib, 1 flex nib, 3 felt nibs - New surface structure for consistent strokes - Absolute Positioning - Eraser - Tilt Sensitivity - Tool ID - Cord-/battery-less - Wacom pen technology Package contents DTP version - Intuos4 XL pen tahvelarvuti - Intuos4 Grip Pen - 5 standard nibs - 1 stroke nib - 1 flex nib - 3 felt nibs - Pen stand - Thick-bodied replacement grip - Colour identification rings, - Driver CD-ROM (driver, manual in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch) - Quick Install Guide - Software Download Programme booklet

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