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HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE HP E2915-8G-PoE Switch E2915 Switch series, 8000 entries, 15.95 x 9 x 4.45 mm, 11 W, 100 - 240 V, -40 - 70 °C, 0 - 45 °C


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HP E2915-8G-PoE Switch, E2915 Switch series. Networking: 8000 entries. Weight & dimensions: 15.95 x 9 x 4.45 mm. Energy management: 11 W, 100 - 240 V. Environmental conditions: -40 - 70 °C, 0 - 45 °C

The HP E2915-8G-PoE Switch is a fully managed 8-port 10/100/1000 switch with an additional 2 dual-personality Gigabit ports for copper or SFP connectivity. Together with static and RIP IPv4 routing, robust security and management, enterprise-class features, a free lifetime warranty, and free software updates, the HP E2915-8G-PoE Switch is a cost-effective solution. The HP E2915-8G-PoE Switch is fanless, providing quiet operation and making it ideal for deployments in open spaces. In addition, the compact form factor allows for flexible deployments, including wall, surface, or rack mounting. These switches can be deployed at enterprise edge and remote branch offices, as well as converged networks.

• Choice of management interfaces: Web graphical user interface (GUI): easy-to-use graphical interface allows configuration of the switch from any Web browser. Command-line interface (CLI): robust command-line interface provides advanced configuration and diagnostics. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv2c/SNMPv3): allows switch to be managed with a variety of third-party network management applications.

• Dual-personality functionality: two 10/100/1000 ports or SFP slots provide optional fiber connectivity such as Gigabit-SX, -LX, -LH, 100-FX, 100-BX, and 1000-BX

Resiliency and high availability
• IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree: provides high link availability in multiple VLAN environments by allowing multiple spanning trees; provides legacy support for IEEE 802.1d and IEEE 802.1w

Layer 2 switching
• GARP VLAN Registration Protocol (GVRP): allows automatic learning and dynamic assignment of VLANs

Layer 3 routing
• Static IP routing: provides manually configured routing; includes ECMP capability

• Access control lists (ACLs): provide IP Layer 3 filtering based on source/destination IP address/subnet and source/destination TCP/UDP port number

• IP multicast snooping and data-driven IGMP: automatically prevents flooding of IP multicast traffic

HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE HP E2915-8G-PoE Switch E2915 Switch series, 8000 entries, 15.95 x 9 x 4.45 mm, 11 W, 100 - 240 V, -40 - 70 °C, 0 - 45 °C

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