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UPS Eaton Network Card-MS, Wired, MiniSlot, Ethernet, HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, Telnet, SSL, SSH

UPS Eaton Network Card-MS, Wired, MiniSlot...

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223 €

Tootja: Eaton
Tootekood: Network-MS
  • 7330381571862,
  • 743172038111
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Eaton Network Card-MS. Connectivity tehnoloogia: Wired, Host interface: MiniSlot, Interface: Ethernet. toetatud network protocols: HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, Telnet, SSL, SSH

The Eaton Network Card-MS allows an Eaton UPS to directly connect to the Ethernet network and the Internet, supporting real-time monitoring and control of UPSs across the network via a standard Web browser, SNMP-compliant network management system or power management software.
Liides Ethernet 10/100BaseTUPS slot type: Mini-Slot
Süsteeminõuded O/S supported for shutdown: Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, NetWare, Macintosh and SuSE (check for a detailed list of systems supported)
Toote andmed link
Reklaamtekst Versatile support through HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, Telnet, SSL and SSH compatibilityLDAP and Radius protocols for ease of management and increased securityRemote management of a UPS or rebooting of protected devices over SNMP/WebCustomizable actio
Lisaomadused Compatible with SNMPv3 and IPv6Simultaneous access of up to five connected browsers (three in SSL)Configuration of automatic email message in response to UPS alarms and to transmit periodic reportsControl of UPS on/off switching with a Web
Tehnoloogia Fast ETHERNET, 10/100 Mbits, autonegotiation, HTTP 1.1, SNMP V1, SNMP V3, NTP, TFTP, SMTP, BOOTP/DHCP IPv6 Telnet, CLI, SSH, ARP
Garantii 2 years
Aksessuaar tüüp Network Card-MS

UPS Eaton Network Card-MS, Wired, MiniSlot, Ethernet, HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, Telnet, SSL, SSH

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