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Toiteplokk Fortron FSP/ Aurum Pro 1000, 100 - 240, 50 - 60, Active, Top, Active, 24-pin ATX

Toiteplokk Fortron FSP/ Aurum Pro 1000, 100...

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178 €

Tootja: Fortron
Tootekood: AURUM PRO 1000
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Garantiiaeg: 24 kuud

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FSP/Fortron Aurum Pro 1000. AC sisend voltage: 100 - 240, AC sisend frequency: 50 - 60, Power Factor Correction (PFC) type: Active. Fan location: Top, Cooling type: Active. Motherboard power connector: 24-pin ATX, Cabling type: Fixed & modular. Form factor: ATX, Purpose: PC, ATX version: 2.31. Colour of product: Black

AURUM PRO Series – Uncompromising Performance with High Wattage AURUM PRO series is designed to meet the needs of PC enthusiasts such as overclockers / multi-GPU gamers. It is also the perfect choice for professional workstation. Built with industrial-grade components and Japanese capacitor, AURUM PRO provides clean, stable and powerful output to ultimately fulfill your system. AURUM PRO's sleek design and unique rugged Granite touch finishing makes it truly regal PSU like no others. With 80PLUS GOLD certification it provides high efficiency, makes AURUM PRO Series a perfect combination of premium quality and performance. - True Single +12V output circuits - High efficiency >90%, meets 80 PLUS® GOLD Certification - Full Japanese capacitor: Industrial Grade Component - Complies with ATX 12V 2.3 & EPS 12V 2.92 version - 2 x external fan connectors ready - 6 + 2pin PCI-Express graphic card connector ready - Dual-OTP (Over Temperature Protection) - Quiet and long-lasting 135mm HDB (Hydro dynamic Bearing) Fan - Complete Protections: OCP (+-100A), OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP, UVP - Multiple Safety Approved: OCP, CE, FCC, CB, UL, TUV, GOST, CCC True Single Rail Dual Transformer Matrix Design FSP's own patented designs to provide Ultimate Performance & highest protection to your system! Dual Transformer Matrix Design minimizes energy loss, and maximizes efficiency and cooling. Evenly distributed load current sharing and output power sharing allow balanced utilization and heat dissipation. Reduced transformer sizes, and increased power density to optimize air flow and cooling.

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