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UPS Eaton 3S 550 FR, 50/60, Type E (FR), Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA), Mini Tower, must, IEC 62040-2

UPS Eaton 3S 550 FR, 50/60, Type E (FR)...

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78 €

Tootja: Eaton
Tootekood: 3S550FR
  • 743172034632
Garantiiaeg: 24 kuud

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Eaton 3S 550 FR. Toiteplokk sisend frequency: 50/60. AC outlet types: Type E (FR). aku tehnoloogia: Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA). Form factor: Mini Tower, Colour of product: Black. Certification: IEC 62040-2, Safety: IEC/EN 62040-1-1, CE

The Eaton 3S offers affordable and reliable UPS protection against the most common power quality problems for office and home computers. The attractive design and glossy finish of the Eaton 3S fits easily into modern office environment. - Attractive design and glossy finish make the 3S a perfect fit for the modern office environment - The 3S comes with either 6 Schuko (DIN) or 6 French (FR) outlets for easy connection of typical computer configurations with peripherals (IEC model also available with 8 outlets) - The 3S features a HID-compliant USB port (cable supplied), for automatic integration with common operating systems (Windows/Mac OS/Linux) - Protects Telephone, Internet and Ethernet line from "back door" power surges - Compact unit fits on or under your desk or can be mounted on a wall - Easy-to-replace aku helps to extend UPS service life
Kaasasolev tarkvara Intelligent Power Protector v1.10 for Microsoft Windows Systems and Unix/Linux
Indikaatorid required battery changebattery chargingWork on battery
Kõrgus 86
Netomass 2.9
Standard tarvik USB cable
Apparent power 550
Real power 330
UPS architecture off-line (standby)
Max. time of switching on battery 6
Number and type of outlets with power maintenance 3 x EURO (10A)
Input connector type Cable with PL plug (10A)
Sustain time with full load 4
Sustain time with 50% load 10
Input voltage range for main operations 161-284
Cold start Yes
(AVR) Automatic Voltage Regulation No
Sine while working on battery No
Communication ports USB
Data line surge protection port RJ11 - modem/fax line, DSLRJ45 - modem/fax line, DSL, 10/100BaseTX
Sound alarm breakdown
Välised ühendused Desktop
Number and type of outputs with surge protection 6 x PL (10A)
Massmälu tugi 140
Printeri spetsifikatsioon 335
Tehnilised parameetrid Black

UPS Eaton 3S 550 FR, 50/60, Type E (FR), Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA), Mini Tower, must, IEC 62040-2

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