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Cisco Systems Cisco SPA122, PPoE, ICMP, UDP, TCP, RTP, RTCP, 5W, 5V, 2.0A, 101 x 28 x 101, 0 - 45, -25 - 70, 10 - 90

Cisco Systems Cisco SPA122, PPoE, ICMP, UDP...

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67 €

Tootja: Cisco Systems
Tootekood: SPA122
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Cisco SPA122. toetatud network protocols: PPoE, ICMP, UDP, TCP, RTP, RTCP. Power requirements: 5W, 5V, 2.0A. Dimensions (WxDxH): 101 x 28 x 101

Affordable ja Feature-Rich Voice over IP (VoIP) Eliminate compromise on voice quality or features for phone ja fax capabilities associated with Internet voice over IP (VoIP) service. Cisco® VoIP solutions provide the quality, peace of mind, ja investment protection at an affordable price. The Cisco SPA122 ATA with Router combines VoIP services with an internal router for LAN connectivity. Easy to install ja use, it works over an IP network to connect analog phones ja fax machines to a VoIP service provider ja provides support for additional LAN connections. The Cisco SPA122 includes two standard telephone ports to connect existing analog phones or fax machines to a VoIP service provider. It also includes two 100BASE-T RJ-45 Ethernet ports for WAN ja LAN connectivity. Each phone line can be configured independently. With the Cisco SPA122, users can protect ja extend their investment in their existing analog telephones, conference speakerphones, ja fax machines, as well as control their migration to IP voice with an extremely affordable, reliable solution. Compact in design ja compatible with international voice ja data standards, the Cisco SPA122 can be used with residential, home-office, ja small business VoIP service offerings, including full-featured hosted or open source IP PBX environments. This easy-to-use solution delivers advanced features to better connect employees ja serve customers, all on a highly secure Cisco network. The Cisco SPA122 ATA with Router (Figures 1 ja 2): - Enables high-quality VoIP service with a comprehensive feature set through a broadband Internet connection; - Provides high-quality, clear-sounding voice, using advanced voice quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities ja the industry-leading voice Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) stack; - Supports reliable faxing with simultaneous voice ja data use; - Includes two standard telephone ports, each with an independent phone number, for use with fax machines or analog phone devices, ja one fast Ethernet WAN port, ja one fast Ethernet LAN port for local home or business network connection; - Is compatible with all industry voice ja data standards ja common telephone features such as caller ID, call waiting, ja voicemail; - Includes a simple-to-use web-based configuration utility for easy deployment.
Kõrgus 28
Rohkem infot www.cisco.com [LINK]
Netomass 0.153
Juhtimis-, seire- ja konfiguratsioon MAC address cloningIPv4 - Internet Protocol v4 (RFC 791) Upgradeable to v6 (RFC 1883)DHCP Client - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (RFC 2131)
Supported VoIP protocols SIP v2 - Session Initiation Protocol ver.2SIP - Session Initiation Protocol
Sound encrypting protocol ITU G.711ITU G.726ITU G.729
Router function Yes
Number / type of LAN ports 1 x RJ-45 FastEthernet
Number / type of WAN ports 1 x RJ-45 FastEthernet
Number of FXO ports (for PSTN line) 0
ISDN support No
Massmälu tugi 101
Printeri spetsifikatsioon 101
Tehnilised parameetrid Black
Number of FXS ports (for analog phones) 2

Cisco Systems Cisco SPA122, PPoE, ICMP, UDP, TCP, RTP, RTCP, 5W, 5V, 2.0A, 101 x 28 x 101, 0 - 45, -25 - 70, 10 - 90

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