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Toiteplokk XFX XXX Edition 650W, 90 - 264, 50 - 60, 4.5 - 9, Active, 20+4 pin ATX, Modular

Toiteplokk XFX XXX Edition 650W, 90 - 264...

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94 €

Tootja: XFX
Tootekood: P1-650X-XXB9
  • 778656057937
Garantiiaeg: 60 kuud

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XFX XXX Edition 650W. AC sisend voltage: 90 - 264, AC sisend frequency: 50 - 60, sisend current: 4.5 - 9. Cooling type: Active. Motherboard power connector: 20+4 pin ATX, Cabling type: Modular. Form factor: ATX, Purpose: PC, ATX version: 2.2. Colour of product: Black

The XFX ProSeries PSU with EasyRail™ Technology Enables you to maximize available power and make set-up easy. Stack numerous power-hungry components, such as your GPU, CPU and other components, without fear of crashing. In addition this PSU has also been award the 80Plus Bronze certification for its high power efficiency and is also designed for NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire multi-GPU systems making it a perfect solution for hardcore gamers. One Rail, One Setup. Other Toiteplokk Units Conventional PSUs use multi-rail technology which basically combines cheaper and lower wattage PSUs into one single PSU to generate a higher total wattage. However, smaller rails have lower maximum wattages so left over wattage on individual rails become too small to handle major components and gets wasted. Not enough actual wattage - Even though there is technically 50 Watts of power remaining, none of the rails have more than 25W to handle adding a 50W component. Easyrail™ Toiteplokk Units PSUs with EasyRail™ Technology give you one continuous rail of power covering the total maximum wattage. What this means is that no matter how many devices you have, high or low power, they can easily stack until it reaches the full maximum wattage. With EasyRail™ technology you can maximize the potential of your PSU with ease. True Wattage Guarantee Exactly enough actual wattage - Of the 50 Watts of power that you expect to be remaining, all 50W is actually available to easily handle adding a 50W component. The wattage you see isn’t always the wattage you get. Some brands tweak tests to achieve great wattage ratings, but in reality, they deliver much lower maximum wattages. Don’t be fooled by wattage tricks.
PFC Active
Mõõtmed Package dimensions (cm): 32.3 x 21.1 x 14.2Package weight (kg): about 3.27
Toiteplokk 650 W
Ventilaator 13.5 cm
Kirjeldus Jedna Szyna, Jedna KonfiguracjaUnikatowa, ciągła technologia EasyRail™ maksymalizuje dostępną moc i ułatwia konfigurację. Możesz podłączać wiele energochłonnych komponentów bez obaw o awarię. Jest to zarazem doskonałe rozwiązanie
MOLEX power connectors 5
SATA power connectors 8
Number of power supply connector 4-pin 12V 0
8-pin 12V power connectors 1
PCI-E 6-pin power connectors 0
Number of power supply connectors PCI-E 6 +2 pin 2
PCI-E 8-pin power connectors 0
MB power connector 20 + 4 pin
Modular power supply Yes
Certificates 80+ 80 PLUS Bronze

Toiteplokk XFX XXX Edition 650W, 90 - 264, 50 - 60, 4.5 - 9, Active, 20+4 pin ATX, Modular

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