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Philips SPA2335/12, 2.1, 100 - 18000, 2.5, 55 - 250, AC

Philips SPA2335/12, 2.1, 100 - 18000, 2.5...

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51 €

Tootja: Philips
Tootekood: SPA2335/12
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Philips SPA2335/12. Audio väjund channels: 2.1. Satellite kõlar frequency range: 100 - 18000, Satellite kõlar mid-range driver size: 2.5. Subwoofer frequency range: 55 - 250. Power source: AC

Dynamic sound 28W väjund supported by bass reflex technology to give deep tones. Compatible with any media, this kõlar produces rich, full sound with less distortion via its flared bass pipe. Bass Reflex Speakers A chamber behind the kõlar driver that channels air to acoustically tuned vents built into the kõlar give the bass notes a more punchy, realistic sound. Compatible with any media Well damped driver A single kõlar driver normally incurs a specific frequency division vibration near the edge of the diaphragm, often resulting in some sound distortion. This way to overcome this problem by using Mylar, a uniform monomer and a much lighter material that is more usually used, around the driver cone. Surrounding the cone in a perfectly symmetrical ring, the resulting damping effect suppresses the asynchronous vibration, resulting in a more balanced and natural sound.

Philips SPA2335/12, 2.1, 100 - 18000, 2.5, 55 - 250, AC


Philips Portable kõlarid BT100B 34.70 €

Tootekood: Philips BT100B/00
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