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Asus Helios Carry Bag, 15.6, Briefcase, Black

Asus Helios Carry Bag, 15.6, Briefcase...

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19.40 €

Tootja: Asus
Tootekood: 90-XB3Z00BG00010-
  • 884840049517
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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ASUS Helios Carry Bag. Maximum screen size compatibility: 15.6, Type: Briefcase, Colour of product: Black

Place your notebook and other business and personal essentials in one stylish yet casual bag. It accommodates even larger portable PCs and has numerous features you’d normally only get with pricier products. Yet this one sends a subtle message that speaks of a dynamic life, with great internal organization for more items, protective interior padding, and thoughtful features such as an adjustable and removable strap. You can even quickly hang it on your trolley handle when zipping around: finally a simple but fully-featured bag the really understands what you need. Sunshine in a bag ASUS and Greek mythology have a long shared history. From its very founding, ASUS saw inspiration in ancient Greek storytelling and the many unique characters that compose its rich history. The very name ASUS comes from Pegasus, and this theme continues today with new and exciting accessories such as the Helios casual carry bag. ASUS innovation seeks to brighten up your life and give you the confidence you need to go out there and experience the world to the fullest with utmost comfort and optimism. That’s why we named Helios after the personification of the sun, a powerful and enlightened Titan that held the power to make great changes and even affect the day and night cycle according to mythological concepts. Similarly, the Helios casual carry bag holds the potential to transform your mobility with its considerate and stylish design and smart internal layout. It’s perfect for those who spend much of their time out and about and who need to focus on productivity and easy portability. Day or night, Helios can light up your path and ensure you get more done the bright way.
Mõõtmed 405(L) x 65(W) x 290(H) mm
Tüüp Case
Kaal 710g
Materjal Polyester
Värvus Black
Lisakirjeldus - Fits notebooks for 14" to 15.6"screen size - Adjustable and removable straps can be stored easily in the bag - Specially-padded notebook pocket improves shock absorption - Back strap allows for easy attachment to trolley handles
Sobib sülearvuti For 15.6" Device

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