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Sony VGC99AM

Sony VGC99AM

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321 €

Tootja: Sony
Tootekood: VGC99AM.CE
  • 4905524886214
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Sony VGC99AM

The VG-C99AM vertical grip for your Sony Alpha a99 interchangeable lens kaamera (SLT-A99V) funktsioonid optimal contours and essential controls that provide comfort and handling on a par with horizontal shooting. With a newly designed system that offers a triple battery advantage (two batteries in grip plus one in the kaamera), you will experience the ultimate in extended shooting and playback. Firm holding and control when shooting vertically Shutter button is located at the low position for easy holding and positioning. All buttons are located in the most appropriate position for setting and controlling the kaamera when shooting vertically. Strap hole is added so the STP-GB1AM Grip Belt can easily be attached to the Vertical Grip. Auto switching power Auto switching to backup batteries for uninterrupted shooting. The batteries in the grip can be replaced without turning the kaamera power off. Total of three NP-FM500H for enhanced power supply Three NP-FM500H batteries (including one battery in the kaamera body, each sold separately) triple the battery performance compared to that of kaamera body alone. A battery with lower power in the grip is used first, and automatically switched over to the other when it runs out. The one in kaamera body is used at last to maximize shooting time. Remaining power of current battery conveniently indicated in percentages on the kaamera’s LCD monitor. Dust and moisture resistant design Buttons, dials, battery cover and connecting terminal to the kaamera are securely sealed for dust and moisture protection.

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KOHE LAOS! Sony Patarei CR2430 liitium -18% 1.80 € 2.20 €

Tootekood: Sony CR2430B1A
Kohe Tallinna laos: 1 tk

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Sony Laadija + 2xAA, 2500mAh -23% 15.30 € 19.99 €

Tootekood: Sony BCG-34HW2GN
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Sony Patarei CR2032 liitium (10) -6% 1.50 € 1.59 €

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Sony Patarei CR2025 liitium (10) -6% 1.50 € 1.59 €

Tootekood: Sony CR2025B1A
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Sony NP-BX1, digitaalne kaamera, liitium-Ion, 3.6, 0 - 40, 42.7, 9.2 48.90 €

Tootekood: Sony NPBX1.CE
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Tarneaeg: 6-10 tööpäeva

Sony Miniature liitium Battery85 mAh | 1 pc 1.20 €

Tootekood: Sony CR2016B1A
Tellimisel toode: 5 tk

Tarneaeg: 2-4 tööpäeva

Sony NP-FM500H aku for M Series 70 €

Tootekood: Sony NPFM500H.CE
Tellimisel toode: 100+ tk

Tarneaeg: 4-7 tööpäeva

Sony Akumulator AA 2000mAh (2szt blister) CEBLUE 12.70 €

Tootekood: Sony NH-AA-B2KN
Tellimisel toode: 5+ tk

Tarneaeg: 3-10 tööpäeva

Sony NP-FW50 65 €

Tootekood: Sony NPFW50.CE
Tellimisel toode: 10+ tk

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Sony Stamina Plus LR3 AAA Alkali 6.20 €

Tootekood: Sony AM4B4A
Tellimisel toode: 1 tk

Tarneaeg: 6-10 tööpäeva

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