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Printer Fujitsu Siemens Fujitsu DL3750+, 360 x 360, EAN13, EAN8, Epson ESC/P2, Parallel, 415 x 330 x 120, 5 - 38

Printer Fujitsu Siemens Fujitsu DL3750+, 360...

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687 €

Tootja: Fujitsu Siemens
Tootekood: KA02013-B111
  • 4933524100214
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Fujitsu DL3750+. Maximum resolutsioon: 360 x 360. sisseehitatud barcodes: EAN13, EAN8. Standard printer languages: Epson ESC/P2. Standard interfaces: Parallel. Dimensions (WxDxH): 415 x 330 x 120

High-speed printing. At 10 cpi, print speed ranges from 113 cps for letter quality to 400 cps for high-speed draft quality. Bar Code printing as standard. The printer has built in support for Barcode printing, 8 industry standard codes without 3rd party boxes or software (EAN13, EAN8, Codabar, Code 3 of 9, UPC, Matrix 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5) Software compatibility. This printer, uses the Fujitsu DPL24C PLUS command set, but is also compatible with the IBM Proprinter XL24E command set and the Epson ESC/P2 command set. Multiple fonts. The printer has nineteen resident fonts: Ten bitmap fonts - Courier 10, Pica 10, Prestige Elite 12, Boldface PS, OCR-B, OCR-A, Correspondence, Compressed, Draft, and High-speed Draft and nine outline fonts - Timeless, Nimbus Sans, and Courier, each in upright, italic, and bold. Large print buffer. 128K bytes are available in total for storing input data and downloading fonts. A large input data buffer allows you to send files to the printer and return quickly to your application. Simple switching of paper types. "Parking" continuous forms makes it easy to switch between continuous forms and single sheets. Multiple Paper paths. With the optional 2nd tractor, two different continuous forms may be loaded & selected from the front panel or the host computer in addition to the cut sheet paper. Auto tearoff. Continuous forms are fed automatically up to the tear-off position at the end of each job. Maintenance-free. Periodic cleaning and changing the ribbon cartridge are all that's required.
Kaal 7.3 kg7.3 kg
Liides ParallelParallel
Trükkimiskiirus Up to 432 char/sec - draftUp to 480 char/sec - fast draftUp to 270 char/secUp to 135 char/sec - letterUp to 400 char/sec - fast draftUp to 360 char/sec - draftUp to 225 char/secUp to 113 char/sec - letterUp to 432 char/sec - draft - 12 cpiUp to 480 c
Toide AC 120/230 V
Prindimeedia tüübid Plain paper, continuous formsPlain paper, continuous forms
Formaatid Roll (26.7)
Ühendused 1 x parallel
Laius 41.5 cm
Pikkus 33 cm
Kõrgus 12 cm
Connectivity Technology Wired
Product Description Fujitsu DL 3750+ - printer - monochrome - dot-matrix
EAN 4933524100214
Dimensions (WxDxH) 41.5 cm x 33 cm x 12 cm
Power Device Power supply
Vajalik sagedus 50/60 Hz
Voltage Required AC 120/230 V
MTBF 20,000 hour(s)
Consumables Included 1 x ribbon (black) - up to 5 million characters
Max Media Size Roll (26.7)Roll (26.7)
Printeri tüüp Workgroup printer - dot-matrix - 24 pin - monochromeWorkgroup printer - dot-matrix - 24 pin - monochrome
Max meedia Size (kohandatud) 267 mm x 364 mm267 mm x 364 mm
Kokku Meedia suutlikkuse 1 roll1 roll
Max resolutsioon (B&W) 360 dpi360 dpi
RAM installitud (Max) 128 KB128 KB
Keele simulatsioon EPSON ESC/P 2, Fujitsu DPL24C Plus, IBM ProPrinter XL24EPSON ESC/P 2, Fujitsu DPL24C Plus, IBM ProPrinter XL24
Meedia Feeder(s) 1 x automatic - 1 roll - Roll (26.7)
Avada ka 10 x barcode9 x bitmapped3 x scalable
Max lehed Mitmeosalised vorm 5

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