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Telefon Gigaset C620A, DECT, Monophonic, Black, Wall/Desk, 128 x 160, 0.065000

Telefon Gigaset C620A, DECT, Monophonic...

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87 €

Tootja: Gigaset
Tootekood: S30852-H2423-B101
  • 4250366830209
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Gigaset C620A. Type: DECT, Ringer type: Monophonic. Colour of product: Black, Mounting type: Wall/Desk. Display resolutsioon: 128 x 160, Display number of colours: 0.065000, Backlight colour: Amber. Headset connectivity: 2.5 mm. Battery type: AAA

Simplify your household routine with clever family phone features The Gigaset C620A cordless phone is equipped to simplify your household routine. With useful direct access functions and an integrated baby phone it is a practical and user-friendly solution to your day-to-day calling requirements. Record and store messages Don’t miss a thing. Choose the Gigaset C620A with an answering machine and get ready for up to 55 minutes of messages. An LED new message signal will alert you on the handset or base station, while the time and date of the call are conveniently announced every time you listen to your recorded messages. You can also use the skip-back function, which repeats the last few seconds of a saved message. Not at home? Not a problem! Check messages from near and far thanks to the remote message playback feature. Call protection management simplifies family life Avoid unwelcome disruptions simply and easily, with call protection management features such as time-controlled call silencing. This allows you to set your phone to silent while your baby is having an afternoon nap, or at night when the kids are in bed. During the time you select on the clock, incoming calls will be shown on the display screen but the ringtone will be muted. Anonymous call protection, in turn, mean that you can withhold or mute calls from certain numbers or block them completely by selecting the blacklist function. Up to 15 numbers can be blacklisted. The full functionality of a baby phone It is easy to keep up with your children and make sure they are doing well without having to purchase another separate device. Simply pick the baby phone feature from the menu, set the sensitivity level and enter an external or internal call alert for when your baby wakes up. As your kids grow up, the talkback function also becomes useful, allowing you to talk with your children from another room or a remote location. Keep those conversations going The Gigaset C620A allows for almost endless conversations from the comfort of your favourite lounge chair, with a talk time of up to 26 hours. You’ll also go long before charging thanks to its standby time of up to 530 hours. When something gets in the way of picking up a call, an illuminated message waiting indication key allows you to easily access and return missed calls. You can also programme any handset key to instantly dial a saved number from an address book that allows up to 250 entries, each with three numbers, an email address and reminder dates. Elegant and easy to use, even hands-free The user-friendly navigation and a large 1.8” TFT colour display is made for easy reading, with many helpful features. For maximum multitasking flexibility, pair the Gigaset C620A cordless phone with the Gigaset L410 wearable speakerphone. It’s so simple to set up and the two devices work together to keep you chatting while moving around the house. This fun and functional Smart Extra is simply clipped to your collar and off you go. The soothing sound of quality Love to hear that voice? Well now you can hear it loud and clear, without static or fuzz. The Gigaset C620A ensures conversations in brilliant HSP™ sound quality. Enjoy HSP™ even when you push the hands-free key, which lets you chat without holding the phone. But, there’s always more! You probably have better things to do than running after your phone. That’s why the Gigaset C620A can also be paired with an extra handset, such as the Gigaset C620H, which you can place at a convenient second area within your home. Simply register the Gigaset C620H to your existing base station and enjoy having another handset whenever you need one. In fact, the Gigaset C620A supports up to six extra handsets in total.
Tüüp LED displayLCD display - colour
Kaal 140 g180 g
Caller ID Yes
Aku 2 x battery - AA type
Ekraan LCD display - colour - Yes
Kõneaeg Up to 1560 min
Tehnoloogia Rechargeable - Nickel Metal Hydride
Mahtuvus 1300 mAh
Toimetatakse kohale koos Belt clip, power adapter
Toode tüüp Cordless phone answering system with caller IDCordless phone answering system
CABLES INCLUDED Phone line cable
Ühendused Headset jack / sub-mini-phone 2.5mm
Lisakirjeldus Screen saver
Ringtone helinad 20
Ekraani lahutusvõime 128 x 160 pixels
Ekraani eripärad Screen saver
Laius 4.9 cm12.6 cm
Pikkus 3 cm13.2 cm
Kõrgus 15.5 cm5.2 cm
Standby time Up to 530 h
Lisavõimalused Direct call (baby call), key lock, Babyphone (room monitoring), eco mode, night mode, ECO DECT, HDSP (High Definition Sound Performance)
Lisafunktsioonid Call timer, built-in clock, call barring, Time/Day Stamp, Intercom, phonebook transfer
Värvi sügavus 16-bit (65000 colours)
Product Description Gigaset C620A - cordless phone - answering system with caller ID
EAN 4250366830209
Lisatud kogus 2
Recharge Time 8 hour(s)
Värvi tugi Monochrome
Body Colour BlackBlack
Asetades / paigaldus Wall-mountable, table-top
Menu Operation Yes
Short Messaging Service (SMS) Yes
Dialer Type Keypad
Dialer Location Handset
Conference Call Capability 3-way
Display Location BaseHandset
Speakerphone YesYes
Phone Directory Capacity 250 names & numbers
Backlit Yes
Cordless Phone Standard DECT\GAPDECT\GAP
Call Services Caller ID, Call TransferCaller ID, Call Transfer
Dialed Calls Memory 20
Caller ID Type Caller ID
Intercom YesYes
Max Handset Operating Distance 50 m
Lighted Keypad Yes
Max Handset Operating Distance (Outdoor) 300 m
Multi-Handset Configuration Phonebook transfer
Salvestamise maht 55 min
Max Handsets Supported 6
Handset Locator Yes
Kuva (2.) LED display - monochrome
Speed Dial võimsuse 99
Helistamise režiimid Pulse, tone
Vastates süsteemi Digital
Vastates süsteemi tüüp Digital
Sõnumite Counter kuvamiseks Yes
Max väljuva sõnumi pikkus 170 sec

Telefon Gigaset C620A, DECT, Monophonic, Black, Wall/Desk, 128 x 160, 0.065000


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