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StarTech.com PEX1PLP, PCIe, 0 - 50, -20 - 60, 5 - 85, 140.00, 30.00

StarTech.com PEX1PLP, PCIe, 0 - 50, -20 -...

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45.20 €

Tootja: StarTech.com
Tootekood: PEX1PLP
  • 65030840873
Garantiiaeg: 24 kuud

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StarTech.com PEX1PLP. Host interface: PCIe. Packaging width: 140.00, Packaging height: 30.00. Data transfer rate: 2.5, Chipset: Oxford - OXPCIe952, Connectivity tehnoloogia: Wired

"Add an SPP/EPP/ECP Parallel port using a low-profile PCI Express expansion slot The PEX1PLP PCIe Parallel Adapter card can be installed in a PCI Express (PCIe) x1 slot, allowing you to connect EPP/ECP parallel peripherals to any computer, while relying on a native, single-chip design (Oxford OXPCIe952) that harnesses the capability of true PCI Express - ensuring maximum performance and reliability. This high performance SPP/EPP/ECP parallel card adds 1 DB25 parallel port, perfect for connecting printers, scanners, CD-R/RW drives, memory card readers, bar code scanners and more. With the added convenience of plug-and-play capability, installing the parallel adapter card is hassle-free! The PCIe Parallel card also includes both standard and half-height/low profile mounting brackets for compatibility with almost any system form factor. Backed by a StarTech.com 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support." " * Native single chip makes installation a simple plug-and-play experience * Includes the necessary mounting brackets to support both standard and small form factor computers * Supports all parallel modes (SPP/ EPP/ ECP) for compatibility with your devices"

StarTech.com PEX1PLP, PCIe, 0 - 50, -20 - 60, 5 - 85, 140.00, 30.00

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