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88 €

Tootekood: PEXSAT34SFF
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Garantiiaeg: 24 kuud

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Kirjeldus PEXSAT34SFF. Controller interface type: PCI Express, Interface type: Serial ATA 3.0

The PEXSAT34SFF PCI Express SATA Controller Card enables 4 AHCI SATA III connections to be added to a computer, through a single internal Mini-SAS (SFF-8087) port, connected using a PCI Express slot. The controller card features a Mini SAS connector, which when used with our Mini-SAS to 4x SATA breakout cables and Mini-SAS SFF-8087 backplanes (accessories not included, SAS drives not supported), provide an internal 6Gbps connectivity solution, all from a single card. Compliant with SATA revision 3.0, this 4-Port PCI Express SATA controller card delivers up to 6Gbps of data bandwidth, which makes it ideal for utilizing the speed of high performance hard drives and solid state drives (SSD). The card also offers Port Multiplier (PM) support, which allows for multiple SATA drives (up to 7) to be connected using a single cable. Plus, the controller card offers an effective hardware RAID solution, with native RAID (0, 1, 1+0) support. The PEXSAT34SFF PCIe SATA 6g card is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. The Advantage - Add SATA III capability while remaining backward compatible with older SATA (I/II) drives - Eliminate a mess of cables by connecting directly to your SATA supported Mini-SAS backplane with a single cable - Install in full or low-profile/small form factor (SFF) systems PEXSAT34SFF, PCI Express, Serial ATA 3.0

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