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468 €

Tootekood: RK419WALVSGB
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Garantiiaeg: 24 kuud

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Kirjeldus RK419WALVSGB. Colour of product: Black, Type: Wall mounted, Fan: 2 x 120 mm. Input voltage: 110 - 240. Chassis type: 4U

The RK419WALVSGB 4U 19-inch Secure Horizontal Wall-Mountable Server Rack is a lockable, solid steel storage rack that provides a robust solution for wall mounting telecom, network or server equipment, and includes two 120mm fans, for improved airflow. This 4U rack can be mounted to a wall in a server room, office, or above a doorway in rooms lacking the space for a full-size rack, to expand your workspace and keep your equipment protected from unauthorized access. The bracket mounting holes (used to mount to a wall or desk) are positioned at 16-inches apart, matching standard stud measurements for easy installation. Constructed to EIA-RS310 standards, the wallmount server rack allows equipment to be mounted horizontally, and offers a hinged lockable front cover as well as a lockable body. Alternatively, non-rackmount equipment can be mounted vertically with the included bottom cover, using the rack as a wall case.

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