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34.60 €

Tootekood: ST122WEU
  • 65030840521
Garantiiaeg: 24 kuud

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Kirjeldus ST122WEU. video port type: VGA, Connector(s): 1 x HD DB15 M, 2 x HD DB15 F. Maximum resolutsioon: 1600 x 1200. Dimensions (WxDxH): 87.5 x 114.5 x 33.3. Certification: CE, FCC, RoSH

Split a single VGA video signal to 2 monitors or projectors. * Compact design with convenient topside connection lets the unit lay flat or be mounted on the wall * Integrated signal amplifier boosts your connection range to 210 feet (65 meters) * Multiple screens let you communicate your message more effectively to large audiences with greater impact The ST122WEU 2 Port wall-mountable VGA video Splitter offers outstanding quality and distance, allowing you to deliver high resolutsioon VGA video from a single video source to up to two monitors simultaneously. Supporting a maximum VGA video bandwidth of up to 250MHz and resolutions up to 1600 x 1200, the device is sure to deliver on image quality. The wall-mountable multi-display VGA video splitter is very simple to install, allowing you to locate screens up to 65m (210ft) away from the VGA video source. The video splitter provides versatile installation options, with top-side connection ports the unit can lay flat on or under your workspace , or you have the option to mount the splitter on a wall making it easy to position the VGA splitter as needed. A scalable video splitting solution, the device also allows you to cascade the signal using two additional splitters for broadcast from a single VGA source to up to 8 VGA monitors. Typical applications of this product would include digital signage, retail and tradeshow environments, educational and government facilities, or corporate displays where high quality multi-monitor VGA video is required. Backed by a 1-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Ei ole täiendavaid tooteid ST122WEU, VGA, 1 x HD DB15 M, 2 x HD DB15 F, 1600 x 1200, 87.5 x 114.5 x 33.3, CE, FCC, RoSH

TOP USB2ASDC3M, 2.0, USB A, Asus 40-pin, 81.6, Black, ASUS Transformer Pad & Eee Pad Transformer 16.50 €

Tootekood: USB2ASDC3M
Tellimisel toode: 10+ tk

Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva ISAS88881, SFF-8088, SFF-8088, Black 66 €

Tootekood: ISAS88881
Tellimisel toode: 5+ tk

Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva ST121REU, VGA, 2 x DB15 HD F, 1 x RJ45 F, 1024 x 768, Black, 84.16 x 65.09 x 20.55, CE, FCC, RoSH 86 €

Tootekood: ST121REU
Tellimisel toode: 02.06.2017 tk

Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva DVI2VGAE, DVI-D, VGA, Male/Female, Black, 1920 x 1200, Black 39.80 €

Tootekood: DVI2VGAE
Tellimisel toode: 100+ tk

Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva ICUSB2321F, DB9, USB 2.0 A, Male/Male, Black, 1.83, CE, FCC, RoHS 27.50 €

Tootekood: ICUSB2321F
Tellimisel toode: 100+ tk

Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva SVID2USB23, 0.92, USB, RCA + S-video, 150.00, 38.00, 210.00 48.40 €

Tootekood: SVID2USB23
Tellimisel toode: 40+ tk

Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva DP2HDMIADAP, 1x DisplayPort (M), 1x HDMI (F), Male/Female, Black, 12.00, 149.00 22 €

Tootekood: DP2HDMIADAP
Tellimisel toode: 100+ tk

Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva 6 in. TX3 Fan Power Splitter kaabel , 0.15 7.40 €

Tootekood: TX3SPLITTER
Tellimisel toode: 30+ tk

Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva DP2HDMI2, kuvar Port, HDMI, Male/Female, Black, 15.00, 210.00 22 €

Tootekood: DP2HDMI2
Tellimisel toode: 100+ tk

Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva

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