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Hiir GIG GIGABYTE Gigabyte Aivia Neon, RF juhtmevaba+USB, Laser, Gaming, Black

Hiir GIG GIGABYTE Gigabyte Aivia Neon, RF...

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80 €

Tootekood: GM-NEON
  • 818313016584,
  • 4719331547448
Garantiiaeg: 24 kuud

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Gigabyte Aivia Neon. Device interface: RF Wireless+USB, Movement detection tehnoloogia: Laser, Purpose: Gaming. Colour of product: Black

Dynamic Wireless Presenter Mouse Aivia Neon brilliantly combines the functionality of a wireless mouse with the versatility of a wireless presenter. It is the ultimate accessory for individuals needing an all-in-one product on the go. Elegant and effective from the classroom to the conference room, Aivia Neon is one product you don’t want to miss! Air-Mouse Presenter Lifting the Aivia Neon off any surface will automatically activate air-mouse mode. While in air-mouse mode pressing the air-mouse key will allow you to move the mouse cursor intuitively. Alternatively, double click the air-mouse key to keep the cursor active. Placing the mouse back on a surface will de-activate air-mouse mode. Laser Pointer We understand how useful laser pointer is when you are in a meeting. It helps you to effortlessly point out a specific item on a big screen. The function is able to use even when you turn on the mouse. You don’t even have to plug in dongle at all! - Never intentionally direct a laser beam towards your eyes or the eyes of others. Aivia Painter Pressing the Aivia painter key while in air-mouse mode will activate painter mode, holding the left key will allow you to scribble onto any document or webpages. - Requires Aivia Neon software installation and air-mouse mode activation. - With no software installation, pressing the key in Microsoft PowerPoint would activate Ballpoint Pen, pressing again to de-activate. This might result in different software activation in different programs. GIGABYTE Free-Scrolling tehnoloogia GIGABYTE Free-Scrolling tehnoloogia™ facilitates webpage browsing and boosts efficiency. Easily move your webpage or file up and down, left and right by pressing the free-scroll function key. *Require Aivia Neon software installation. ”Touch and Charge” – Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Aivia Neon is equipped with a high density Li-ion battery for long lasting continued use. Recharging the battery is quick and easy, simply open the battery cover and attach to the USB nano-receiver. An indicator light will start to blink to show that the battery is charging. GIGABYTE Accurate Laser Tracking System 1200 DPI professional laser sensor equipped for silky smooth mouse tracking to detect fine mouse movement and accurate cursor placement. 2.4GHz wireless transmission tehnoloogia for maximum wireless distance and reliable connectivity. Portable Nano Receiver Not only can the receiver be used for charging, it’s also portable without effort! Plug-and-play tehnoloogia makes it effortless to use the mouse on different devices. Tiny nano receiver ensures great experience of traveling with your notebook all the time! Ergonomic Design Supreme ergonomic design to maximize comfort and reduce hand strain. Rubberized Teflon grip for additional comfort and pleasant mouse texture. Indicator Light Power On: Blue light blinks for 5 seconds. Low Battery: Red light blinks for 5 seconds. Charging: Blue light keeps blinking. Fully Charged: Solid blue light. - In low battery mode, every time you wake up the mouse, the red light would blink for 5 seconds again, until the battery is dead.
Monitor Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit)Microsoft Windows VistaWindows 7Windows 8
Nuppe 4
Kerimine 1
Hiire tüüp WirelessLaser
Rohkem infot [LINK]
Netomass 0.107
Skanneri spetsifikatsioon Resolution: 1200 DPILaser Pointer"Touch and Charge" - Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Tehnilised parameetrid Black
Info andmekandjate kohta WirelessUSB

Hiir GIG GIGABYTE Gigabyte Aivia Neon, RF juhtmevaba+USB, Laser, Gaming, Black


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