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HP Retail Jacket for ElitePad koos aku

HP Retail Jacket for ElitePad koos aku

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482 €

Tootja: HP
Tootekood: E6R79AA
  • 4514953664043
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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HP Retail Jacket for ElitePad koos aku

Retail-ready for anything. Personalize and simplify the shopping experience without leaving the customer’s side. Slip the HP ElitePad1 into the HP Retail Jacket for ElitePad to enhance customer service—from the palm of your hand.

• Easily engage customers on the shop floor koos mobile sales tools designed to inform and sell. Mobilize customer service koos the retail jacket’s built-in barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader.2

• Take to the floor koos confidence. The hand strap steadies the mobile POS so you can focus on the sale without worrying about awkward slips or grip fatigue.

• Make the most of every sales opportunity koos extended aku life. The optional secondary aku3 helps you keep working without worrying about recharging.

1 Not all features are available in all editions of Windows 8. Systems may require upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware, drivers and/or software to take full advantage of Windows 8 functionality. See The integrated display resolution of this system is below the threshold for snapping apps, a new feature that allows two Windows apps to be viewed simultaneously side by side. This feature may be enabled by attaching an external display which supports a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 or higher.
2 Internet access is required, and not included.
3 Optional features sold separately or as an add on feature.

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