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Triikraud Braun Küchengeräte pruun TS775TP

Triikraud Braun Küchengeräte pruun TS775TP

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98 €

Tootekood: TS775
  • 8021098270115
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Braun TS775TP

TexStyle 7 aurutriikraud TexStyle 7 steam irons stand for flawless smooth ironing results even at the smallest details of the clothes. Fiber-deep steam removes even deepest wrinkles for perfect results. The high-quality soleplates combine the latest technology with insightful design to give you the high performance you need and ensure flawless, premium results. The unique Textile Protector and the high steam rates guarantee perfect results for delicates and tough fabrics. The TS775TP gives you 2400 Watt performance with full steam intensity out of three active areas including preconditioning steam. This powerful steam enables effective "long stroke" ironing. You attain a flawless finish quickly and comfortably. Textile Protector Full steam on fine fabrics. Most irons produce no steam at the lowest temperature setting and only very little at the next one up. With the unique Textile Protector, you can iron with full steam power at all temperature settings.The Textile Protector is simply clicked onto the soleplate, immediately lowering its temperature to a safe yet effective level. The Textile Protector protects delicate fabrics from heat damage so that you can iron most fabrics without an intermediate cloth. A special coating avoids shiny patches. Unique Saphir soleplate Braun's highest scratch resistant soleplate: longer durability, perfect gliding. Superb scratch resistance and durability: up to 4 x harder than stainless steel. Premium gliding results over all delicate garments. The Saphir soleplate is so scratch-resistant that you can even clean it with steel wool without causing damage to your precious iron Powerful steam and precision tip The perfect combination for perfect ironing: a unique triangle steam zone with up to 170 g/min right at the front, conceived for powerful steam release where it is needed most. The special design of the precision tip makes ironing easier especially in tricky areas – like around buttons, collars, cuffs, pockets, lace or pleats, where small wrinkles are more difficult to remove, ensuring a first-class overall result. All TexStyle 7 steam irons come with a large 400ml water tank for longer ironing autonomy.
Värvus GreyGrey
Toimetatakse kohale koos Beaker
Toode tüüp Steam iron with auto shut-offSteam iron
Juhtme pikkus 2.5 m
Product Description Braun TexStyle 7 TS 775TP - steam iron - Saphir sole plate
EAN 8021098270115
Max võimsus 2400 W2400 W
Automaatne väljalülitamine Yes
Ainsa plaadi tüüp SaphirSaphir
Rauast Tank klaasmahutisse 400 ml
Pidev auruvoog 50 g/min
Kontsentreeritud auruvoo 170 g/min
Raua omadused Variable steam, vertical steam, anti-drip system, Textile Protector, spray function, overheat protection, comfort handle, open handle, spherical cable outlet, high precision tip
Antiscale süsteem YesYes

Triikraud Braun Küchengeräte pruun TS775TP

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