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LG B0427E00N71, Metallic, valge, A+

LG B0427E00N71, Metallic, valge, A+

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5.70 €

Tootja: LG
Tootekood: B0427E00N71
  • 8806084550903
Garantiiaeg: 36 kuud

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LG B0427E00N71. Colour of product: Metallic, White. Energy efficiency class: A+

stiilne DESIGN LG LED P45 Bulb is applicable for the classical and antique place for unique and stiilne atmosphere. SAVING ENERGY COST LG is dedicated to saving you money. Worry less about your energy bill because our products save you 85% on energy costs as compared to the conventional lights. Given how long they last, we think you'll appreciate the extra money in your pocket. LONG LIFETIME Enjoy substantially longer life and reduced costs when you use LG LED light bulbs. With a lifetime of 13 years* you can install LG LED P45 Bulb and not worry about having to get up on the ladder to change the light bulbs for a LONG time. *13 year lifespan calculations are based on average of 4 hours operation per data ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS Our products do not contain mercury so you can feel good about improving your green profile. Also, LG LED light bulbs emit no UV (ultraviolet) light meaning that they won't fade your fabrics. Finally, since it's not fluorescent, there will be no flickering, no unpleasant glare and, when you turn on the switch, LG LEDs are instantly on. LIGHTING INNOVATOR LG LED In conjunction with LG Innotek, the entire value chain has been integrated. For the first time in the industry, LG has adopted an advanced production system that can process 6-inch wafers. This puts LG at the frontline of popularising LED lighting and reinforces our reputation of being a lighting innovator.

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