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TV-tüüner AVERMEDIA video Capture Card Live Gamer Portable-Lite 104 €

Tootekood: AVERMEDIA 61GL3100A0AC
Tellimisel toode | Partneri laoseis: 1 tk

Tarneaeg: 6-10 tööpäeva

AVERMEDIA GL310 Live Gamer Portable Lite

AVERMEDIA GL310 Live Gamer Portable Lite

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106 €

Tootekood: GL310
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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LGP Lite is a USB 2.0 box that captures ja streams your HD gameplay up to 1080p. Succeed from Live Gamer Portable LGP LGP Lite eliminates the PCFree mode for those of who prefer working with a PC or laptop. Just like the LGP this capture device comes with H.264 hardware encoder which delivers lower CPU usage ja smaller file size even for full HD footages not to mention the file format is super easy to work with for postediting ja uploading. This capture box acquires HD footage via the HDMI connection ja guarantees a smooth HD gaming experience with its passthru function. In addition the onboard hot button is also kept for quick recording ja streaming with just 1click. On top of that it can be directly connected to streaming platforms; you can even add live commentary when streaming up. Sharing your legendary matches could never be simpler. System Requirement For HD Video Capturing H.264: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz AMD Athlon? 64X2 Dual Core 3.0GHz VGA Card With Support For DirectX 10.C or above 4GB RAM Windows 8 32/64 bit Windows 7 32/64 bit USB 2.0 Interface Package Includes LGP Lite Mini USB Cable Quick Installation Guide Features Hardware Compression With the advanced H.264 hardware encoding technology LGP Lite takes care of the HD video processing ja avoids CPU overload. The hardware encoder also guarantees stable frame rates when you game record or even stream. That is the LGP Lite certainly fulfills your desire to have smooth gaming ja viewing experiences without frame dropping or choppy games. RECentral RECentral provides intuitive settings for recording ja streaming video up to 1080p 30fps. It also provides quick accessibility to popular streaming platforms such as ja Ustream. Furthermore you can record your voice commentary along with the footages to make your video more impressive. User Friendly Hot Button & LED Indicator The onboard hot button ja LED indicator of LGP Lite bring gamers the most convenient user experience. With just one press on the Hot Button the recording or streaming starts in no time. As for LED indicators the color of illumination ja the lighting frequency help you know the working status with a single glance. Preserving ja sharing your gameplay with LGP Lite cannot be easier.

AVERMEDIA GL310 Live Gamer Portable Lite


AVERMEDIA U50 5Mpx/FullHD/Zoom x8/30 FPS/USB x3 243 €

Tellimisel toode | Partneri laoseis: 2 tk

Tarneaeg: 3-10 tööpäeva


Tootekood: AVERMEDIA GC510
Tellimisel toode | Partneri laoseis: 5+ tk

Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva

AVERMEDIA TV-Tuner AVerTV volar HD 2 33.30 €

Tootekood: AVERMEDIA 61TD1100A0AB
Tellimisel toode | Partneri laoseis: 5+ tk

Tarneaeg: 4-10 tööpäeva

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