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Philips HC5450, Titanium, 0.5, Ni-MH

Philips HC5450, Titanium, 0.5, Ni-MH

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51 €

Tootja: Philips
Tootekood: HC5450/80
  • 8710103671046
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Philips HC5450. Blade material: Titanium. Minimum hair length: 0.5. aku type: Ni-MH

DualCut tehnoloogia Power through any hair type koos our advanced DualCut tehnoloogia, which combines a double sharpened cutting element koos low-friction engineering. The innovative cutting element is designed to perform time after time, cutting hair twice as fast as regular Philips clippers, koos a robust stainless steel guard for ultimate durability. Titanium blades Advanced titanium blades, which are harder than steel, for superior cutting performance, long-lasting sharpness and ultimate durability. 24 lock-in length settings Turn the zoom wheel to simply select and lock in the length you want, koos 23 length settings from 1 to 23mm, and precisely 1mm between each length. Or you can use it without the comb for a close 0.5mm trim. Corded & powerful cordless use Use the clipper corded or cordless for maximum power and freedom, koos 90 minutes of cordless power after 1 hour of charging. Turbo boost The turbo power button boosts cutting speed for a perfect cut even on the thickest hair. Easy to clean Simply click open the detachable head to quickly release and wash the blades 5-year worldwide warranty All of our grooming products are built to last. They come koos a worldwide guarantee and worldwide voltage compatibility. Bonus adjustable beard comb Turn the wheel to simply select and lock in the length you want, whether you have a beard or you want perfect stubble. Just attach the adjustable beard comb for 23 lock-in length settings from 1 to 23mm, koos precisely 1mm between each length. Or you can use it without the comb for a close 0.5mm trim. Hard storage case Your clipper comes koos a reliable hard case for complete durability, to ensure it is kept in optimum condition for ultimate power and precision, time after time. No oil needed No oil needed, for easy maintenance and to save you time.
Tüüp Hair clipper with DualCut Technology. Titanium Blades 24 length settings, 90mins cordless use/1h charge, Adjustable beard comb and case
Toide Operation: Corded and cordlessCharging time: 1 hour(s)Running time: 90 minutesBattery type: Ni-MH
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Lisaomadused Double-sharpened cutting element with reduced frictionSelf-sharpening titanium blades for extra durabilityTurbo power button boosts cutting speedEasy to select and lock in 24 length settings: 0.5 to 23mmIncludes a beard comb for 23 adj
Tehnoloogia Cutter width: 41 mmCutting element: Titanium bladesNumber of length settings: 24Range of length settings: From 0.5 to 23 mm
  • Precision (size of steps): By 1 mmPrecision beard comb: 1-23mm adjustable beard comb
  • Garantii 2 years
    Konstruktsioonilahendusi Cleaning: Washable bladesMaintenance free: No oil needed.

    Philips HC5450, Titanium, 0.5, Ni-MH

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