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DELL EMC DELL 461-AACX, Frameless, Notebook, 16:9, 12.5, Matte-to-Glossy

DELL EMC DELL 461-AACX, Frameless, Notebook...

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46.60 €

Tootja: DELL EMC
Tootekood: 461-AACX
  • 884116126478
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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DELL 461-AACX. Type: Frameless, Suitable for: Notebook. Aspect ratio: 16:9. Maximum screen size compatibility: 12.5, Reversibility: Matte-to-Glossy

Keep on-screen information private This Dell Privacy Filter features 3M technology that keeps others from seeing the information on your Dell laptop or Ultrabook screen--without blocking your view. With a 60-degree viewing angle, this filter ensures users directly in front of the screen can see data clearly, but passersby from either side can only see a dark screen. Additional privacy for busy workspaces Whether computer users are accessing private information in public, or they are working in high-traffic areas, this Dell Privacy Filter is a vital part of a complete security solution. Health care professionals can keep records and patient data private from onlookers, while workers in the government and finance sectors can more easily comply with privacy regulations by utilizing Dell Privacy Filters as part of their program. In education, these privacy filters protect student records from side viewing to enhance the integrity of testing centers. Frameless design protects your display This Dell Privacy Filter is simple to install thanks to its frameless design and easy-on/easy-off attachment. Its compact size allows you to keep the privacy filter in place, even when you close your laptop. Keep it on to protect your valuable Dell Ultrabook or laptop display from smudges, scratches, and marks. The filter can be safely and easily cleaned--even with many hospital disinfectants. Maintains image clarity and reduces glare The filter has both matte and glossy sides, so you can pick the finish that makes working at your computer more convenient and comfortable. Choose matte for reduced glare and reflections or gloss to maintain original screen finish. Compatibility information Compatible with Dell Ultrabooks or laptops that have a 12.5-inch screen. Warranty information Purchase with confidence and rely on the protection of a 1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty1 from Dell and Advanced Exchange Service2 for your Dell Privacy Filter.
Tootja koduleht accessories.euro.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=ie&l=en&s=bsd&cs=iebsdt1&sku=461-aacx
Pakendi maht 0.0003277
Netokaal (kg) 0.12
Brutokaal (kg) 0.177
Kirjeldus Privacy Filter for 12.5-inch laptops from Dell keep your on-screen data private. The on-screen data is visible with a 60-degree viewing angle only to persons directly in front of the monitor, passersby only see a dark screen. These privacy filters protect
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Laevandus kasti kogus 3
Saatmine/pakendi kasti mõõdud laevandus kasti laius (cm) 25.4
Saatmine/pakendi kasti mõõdud laevandus kasti sügavus (cm) 38.7
Saatmine/pakendi kasti mõõdud laevandus kasti kõrgus (cm) 1
Saatmine/pakendi kasti mõõdud laevandus kasti kaal (kg) 0.53
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DELL EMC DELL 461-AACX, Frameless, Notebook, 16:9, 12.5, Matte-to-Glossy

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