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Microsoft AutoRoute Euro EN W32 only, PC, UKR, AutoRoute

Microsoft AutoRoute Euro EN W32 only, PC...

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Tellimisel toode: 100+ tk
Tarneaeg: 3-14 tööpäeva


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40.40 €

Tootja: Microsoft
Tootekood: 689-00438
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

NB! Kirjelduses võib esineda ebatäpsusi või olla muus keeles. Palume võtta ühendust, kui soovite saada täiendavat lisainfot selle toote kohta eesti keeles.

Microsoft AutoRoute Euro EN W32 only. Platform: PC, Language version: UKR. Basic software version: AutoRoute

Travel ja explore koos confidence kasuta AutoRoute, software that quickly finds the best route to your destination. Whether you're traveling across Europe or just to the next town, AutoRoute can find you the fastest, most convenient route. This simple, easy-to-use software makes it quick to plan a journey, change it ja find efficient door-to-door driving instructions. But it's much more than a route planner, koos its high quality maps of towns ja cities ja extra local information. MICROSOFT OPEN LICENSE BUSINESS Microsoft Open License is a software volume licensing program designed for corporate, government, charity, ja academic customers who order as few as five licenses. After the initial order, customers can benefit from volume pricing for all licenses for the remainder of the term of their Open License authorization number. Open License Business offers savings on estimated retail prices by placing an initial order for five or more licenses or one server processor license. koos Open License Business, customers can combine any set of Microsoft products to qualify for the five-license minimum. SOFTWARE ASSURANCE Microsoft's Software Assurance gives you automatic access to new technology ja provides productivity benefits, support, tools, ja training to help deploy ja use software efficiently. koos Software Assurance, you receive access to new versions of licensed software released during the term of your agreement to deploy at your own pace. New Version Rights simplifies the procurement process ja shortens the business process cycle, allowing you to reduce the costs associated koos acquiring new version releases ja immediately take advantage of the latest technology.

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