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Dymo 12mm LetraTAG Plastic tape, Polyester, blister, 28 (tbc), Belgium, 0.280, 0.326

Dymo 12mm LetraTAG Plastic tape, Polyester...

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13.30 €

Tootja: Dymo
Tootekood: S0721560
  • 5411313594226
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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DYMO 12mm LetraTAG Plastic tape. Material: Polyester. Packaging type: blister, Package weight: 28 (tbc). Country of origin: Belgium. Net weight inner carton: 0.280, Gross weight inner carton: 0.326, Volume inner carton: 2.3995. Net weight of outer carton: 1.400, Gross weight of outer carton: 1.765, Volume outer carton: 13.2413

These tapes are designed for your convenience for either LetraTag model. Use them to organize your basement, garage, kitchen or office in a variety of styles that adhere to a range of surfaces, in a rainbow of eye-catching colors. These 12mm non-glossy tapes are easy to peel and cut, with quick-change cassettes for "on-the-fly" labelling. Think of LetraTAG paper tape as the economical solution for labelling almost anything, anywhere in your home. Compatible with all LetraTag label makers.
Tüüp Plastic
Kirjeldus Dymo 59422 Tape for printers DYMO LetraTag width 12 mm x 4 m - plastic, white
Laius 12
Kooskõlas - LetraTag XR - LetraTag QX50
Lenght 4
Tape color White
Print color Black

Dymo 12mm LetraTAG Plastic tape, Polyester, blister, 28 (tbc), Belgium, 0.280, 0.326

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