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Dymo 6000 Hard Case Kit RHINO, Direct thermal, USB, Manual, Black, Yellow, Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

Dymo 6000 Hard Case Kit RHINO, Direct...

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247 €

Tootja: Dymo
Tootekood: S0771970
  • 5411313622684
Garantiiaeg: 24 kuud

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DYMO 6000 Hard Case Kit, RHINO. Print tehnoloogia: Direct thermal. Standard interfaces: USB. Tape cutting: Manual. Colour of product: Black, Yellow. Battery tehnoloogia: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

The RHINO 6000 is an ideal label printer for high-end, demanding datacom, electrical, pro Audio/Video systems and MRO applications, loaded with revolutionary, time-saving features. With exclusive "Hot Keys”, you’ll eliminate guesswork and enjoy fast and easy formatting of commonly used label types for marking wire and cable, terminal blocks, patch panels and much more. RHINO 6000’s intuitive graphical interface lets you easily create, edit and preview multiple labels on the large backlit LCD. A library of over 250 easy-to-find industry terms and symbols helps you save typing time – plus save over 1,000 of your own custom labels and recall them instantly. The RHINO 6000 is the first printer in the RHINO product family to offer PC connectivity. The printer not only enables you to download labels from your PC using RHINO CONNECT software and any Windows®-based application, it also empowers you to create perfect labels right at the worksite - at a moment’s notice. Also, any changes you’ve made to labels in the field can be easily uploaded to your computer. - Exclusive “Hot Keys” eliminate guesswork, complicated menus and offer fast and easy formatting of commonly used label types including wire wraps, flags, patch panel labels, vertical labels and more. - Over 250 easy-to-find, pre-programmed industry terms and symbols for saving time and standardising labelling jobs. - Prints six different bar codes - 1MB memory: stores 1000+ custom labels, including industry terms, graphics, logos and symbols, for on-demand printing at worksites. - Intuitive graphical interface lets you create, edit and preview multiple labels on our largest backlit LCD display - Built-in wizards allow simple yet advanced serialised labels - One-touch powered cutter and cassette ejection system for effortless labels. - Uses thermal transfer print tehnoloogia – no ink is needed! - Quick-charge lithium-ion rechargeable battery and on-screen battery life indicator ensures your RHINO 6000 is ready when you are - Integrated impact bumper protects against accidental falls while allowing easy access to label cartridge - Accepts 6, 9 12, 19 and 24mm RHINO labels - Works with RHINO CONNECT™ Software to provide PC connectivity - RHINO 6000 hard case kit includes RHINO 6000 Printer, RHINO CONNECT Software, Durable, hard carry case, 24 mm Black on White Flexible Nylon Label Cartridge, 9 mm Black on White Vinyl Label Cartridge, Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack, AC Adapter, USB cable.

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