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Külmik Samsung RL55VTEBG1, Freestanding, Black, Right, 324 L, 354 L, 232 L

Külmik Samsung RL55VTEBG1, Freestanding...

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841 €

Tootja: Samsung
Tootekood: RL55VTEBG1
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Samsung RL55VTEBG1. Case design: Freestanding, Colour of product: Black, Door hinge: Right. Total net capacity: 324 L, Total gross capacity: 354 L. Fridge net capacity: 232 L, Fridge gross capacity: 237 L. Freezer position: Bottom-placed, Freezer net capacity: 92 L, Freezer gross capacity: 117 L. Energy efficiency class: A+

Take a look at the Samsung RL55 Fridge freezer and it will not hard to see why it is a premium kitchen appliance. It contains all of the advanced features you’ve come to expect from Samsung, such as an intuitive LED touch screen, a customisable CoolSelect Zone™ feature and deep freezing capabilities with Power Freeze. Wrap this up in a sleek black glass design and you have a premium fridge that makes life a lot more enjoyable. Stunning black glass exterior To add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen décor, look no further than the black glass RL55. The sleek black glass surface combined with the striking, angular exterior will make this fridge the centre of attention in any kitchen. And what makes it more unique are the sharp lines and the modern feel accentuated by the ambient glow of the handle lighting. Blue handle lighting The cool, blue glow from the modern handle lighting will coat the kitchen in its ambient haze. Not only does it create a nice lighting effect, it also comes in handy when looking for items in the freezer — especially useful for those late-night snacks. Flat back The back of your fridge freezer is usually the last thing you would think about, but not for Samsung. The clean, finished back not only improves the beautiful sleek design but also adds to the convenience factor. The flat back means dust and debris do not build up, meaning your fridge freezer is easier to clean and maintain. The fridge within a fridge The CoolSelect Zone™ is an independently controlled, versatile compartment that allows you to set the temperature based on your cooling needs. Choose from four settings to keep food at a variety of temperatures: Thaw, 0 Zone, Cool and Quick Cool. This gives you the flexibility to store any type of food in this drawer by creating a customised environment to maintain maximum freshness. Multi Flow With the Multi Flow feature, a stream of cool air flows through a series of vents located on every shelf level to create an evenly cooled environment. This helps the RL55 to maintain an ideal temperature to keeps your foods fresher for longer. Vacation mode Going on holiday? The Vacation Mode feature has been designed specifically to keep your entire fridge running efficiently while you’re away from home. This intelligent feature turns off the fridge while keeping the freezer working. So enjoy your time away from home without worrying about your energy bill or food going bad. Antibacterial protection Various types of bacteria contained in the air can infiltrate the refrigerator’s compartments, causing food to deteriorate. With Samsung’s anti-bacterial coating, the inner walls of the refrigerator destroy 99.9% of bacteria and prevent it from multiplying, thus enabling the fresh and hygienic storage of food. Frost free freshness Besides keeping your food fresh, nutritious and looking delicious, no-frost technology means never having to worry about defrosting your refrigerator again, saving you tons of time. Fresher food and frustration-free maintenance are the chief benefits of Samsung’s no-frost refrigerators. But no-frost technology also ensures no icy build-ups, so there’s always more space for food. So just relax and let Samsung do the work for you. Blue LED Display The sophisticated blue LED display graces the exterior of the refrigerator door with its state-of-the-art look, enhancing both usability and design. The easy-to-view display allows you to control the temperature and refrigerator modes, without ever having to open the fridge door. Power Freeze Enjoy the benefits of fast, deep freezing with the convenient Power Freeze feature. Power Freeze can quickly freeze any item so that it stays as fresh as the day you bought it. Great for seafood and meats, Power Freeze can preserve your perishable foods for much longer. Reversible door The RL55 is all about customisation, even down to the door design. Now you can choose from two options for the way the door opens. This gives you greater flexibility when trying to fit a new fridge freezer into your existing kitchen layout. LED Tower Lighting This eye-catching feature will delight you as soon as you open the door. The LED tower emits very little heat and runs on even less energy so you’ll also see the difference in your electricity bills. Plus, the beautifully designed tower is bright enough to cast light into every corner of the fridge, so finding food will never be a problem again. Foldable shelving With the unique foldable shelf feature, you’ll never struggle to find space for bulky items again. These easy-to-use three-step folding shelves make storing over-sized items easy, providing greater flexibility to suit all shapes and sizes. Convenient Slim Tray For those items that you just can’t find the right place for, why not try our slim tray. Designed for smaller foods, ice creams or even ice trays, the slim tray is the perfect place to store your ice cubes, favourite sweets or late-night snacks.

Külmik Samsung RL55VTEBG1, Freestanding, Black, Right, 324 L, 354 L, 232 L



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