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624 €

Tootja: LENOVO
Tootekood: 00D2787
  • 883436236607
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Overview The uus IBM RDX USB 3.0 disk backup solution is disainitud to reliably ja cost-effectively help protect your business's valuable assets. It uses a rugged removable disk cartridge ja docking station to provide an easy-to-use, highly secure, fast, ja portable answer to your data protection concerns. IBM RDX features high-capacity shock-resistant 320 GB, 500 GB, ja 1 TB (1) cartridges, making your storage options extremely flexible. The RDX USB 3.0 docking stations are offered in external stand-alone ja internal 5.25-inch half height units to seamlessly integrate into your System x or BladeCenter environment. The USB interface ensures a simple installation while providing high performance, with sustained transfer rates of up to 96 MBps. - Cost-effective ja highly secure removable disk technology - Up to 96 MBps native USB transfer rate - Up to 1 TB(1) native capacity - Hot-plug capability - Internal form factor of 5.25-inch, convertible to 3.5-inch form factor in certain configurations - External USB standalone offering or internal docks can be used with external enclosures - Warranty internal option: One year An IBM part or feature installed during the initial installation of an IBM machine is subject to a full warranty effective on the date of installation of the machine. An IBM part or feature that replaces a previously installed part or feature assumes the remainder of the warranty period for the replaced part or feature. An IBM part or feature added to a machine without replacing a previously installed part or feature is subject to a full warranty effective on its date of installation. Unless specified otherwise, the warranty period, type of warranty service, ja service level of a part or feature are the same as those for the machine in which it is installed. - Warranty External Dock: Three year, customer replaceable unit (CRU) limited warranty At a glance The uus IBM Removable Disk Exchange (RDX) USB 3.0 removable disk backup solution can cost effectively address your increasing capacity ja backup requirements, while alleviating the deployment ja management complexity of traditional tape drives. Features include: - Affordable capacity: 320 GB, 500 GB, ja 1 TB disk cartridges - Simplicity: With only the native OS, RDX provides random access to data ja the convenience of drag ja drop functionality through persistent drive letter access. It can also be addressed like traditional removable tape media, when used in conjunction with any of the supported backup applications. - Flexibility: Internal ja external RDX installation alternatives - Plug-ja-Play connectivity: USB 3.0 interface for increased ease of use - Inexpensive performance: USB sustained transfer rate of up to 96 MB/s - Portability ja durability: RDX disk cartridges are shock-resistant, rugged, ja removable for transporting safely offsite - Investment protection: Carrier will support next generation/ capacities of cartridges - Effortless ordering: Internal ja external single cartridge bundles by capacity, additional cartridges can be ordered separately - Secure: Cartridges can be password protected ja software encrypted for extra security

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