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DELL EMC DELL Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, ROK, 1.4, 1024 x 768, ENG

DELL EMC DELL Windows Server 2012 R2...

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Производитель: DELL EMC
Код производителя: 638-BBBD
  • 2000000508146
Гарантия: 12 месяцев

DELL Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, ROK. Minimum processor speed: 1.4, Minimum монитор разрешение requirement: 1024 x 768. Language version: ENG

Greater flexibility и agility with Windows Server 2012 R2 At the heart of the Microsoft Cloud OS vision, Windows Server 2012 R2 brings Microsoft’s experience delivering global-scale cloud services into your infrastructure with new features и enhancements in virtualization, management, storage, networking, virtual desktop infrastructure, access и information protection, the web и application platform, и more. Benefits With Windows Server 2012 R2 you can scale to run your most important workloads with robust recovery options. You’ll achieve value quickly with a wide range of cost-effective, high-performance storage options и simplified delivery of multi-tenant IT services. You can build, deploy, operate, и monitor applications on-premises и in the cloud. Empower users with secure access to corporate resources on the devices they choose. Enterprise-class Improve performance и scale capacity more efficiently to run your largest workloads while enabling robust recovery options to protect against outages. Simple и cost-effective Deliver multi-tenant-aware storage и networking multi-tenancy capabilities for storage и networking on low-cost, industry-standard hardware. Application focused With enhanced support for open frameworks, you can build, deploy, и scale applications и websites with more flexibility by unlocking application portability between on-premises environments и public и service provider clouds. User-centric Deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure и lower storage costs significantly using a broad range of storage options и VHD deduplication. Server virtualization Take advantage of the cost savings of virtualization, и maximize server hardware investments by consolidating your servers as virtual machines on a single physical host. Hyper-V runs multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, и others, in parallel, on a single server. Windows Server 2012 R2 extends Hyper-V’s capabilities with additional features и industry-leading scalability for host processors и memory. Storage Whatever your storage platform, the data it holds is the bedrock of your business. Windows Server 2012 R2 helps you optimize your existing storage investments, such as SANs. It also lets you build scalable, high-performance, highly available storage solutions using industry-standard hardware и Windows Server 2012 R2. Windows Server 2012 R2 helps ensure your storage remains continuously available, so your services can be, continuously available too. Networking You can manage an entire network as a single server, so you get the reliability и scalability of multiple servers at a lower cost. Automatic rerouting around storage, server, и network failures keeps file services online with minimal noticeable downtime. Together with System Center 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 can provide an end-to-end software defined networking solution across public, private, и hybrid cloud implementations. Server management и automation Following a standards-based management approach, the Windows Management Framework provides a common platform for automation и integration to help you automate your routine tasks with tools like Windows PowerShell. Other improvements help simplify deployment, ensure that the components of your datacenters have the correct configuration, и enable you to take action to manage across multiple servers through a single relevant dashboard in Server Manager. Web и application platform Windows Server 2012 R2 builds on the tradition of the Windows Server family as a proven application platform, with thousands of applications already built и deployed и a community of millions of knowledgeable и skilled developers already in place. You can build и deploy applications either on-premises or in the cloud—or both at once, with hybrid solutions that work in both environments. Access и information protection With Microsoft's Access и Information Protection solutions, you can manage a single identity for each user, across both on-premises и cloud-based (SaaS) applications. You define a user’s level of access to information и applications each user has to information и applications based on who they are, what they are accessing, и from which device—, even applying multi-factor authentication. You can provide secure remote access to your mobile workers using the Windows Server Remote Access (RRAS) capabilities of DirectAccess и VPN (including automatic VPN connections) и enable your users to sync their work files from a corporate server to their devices. Also, you can manage mobile devices to remove corporate data и applications when a device is lost, stolen, or retired from use. Virtual desktop infrastructure With Windows Server 2012 R2, it's even easier to deploy и deliver virtual resources across devices. VDI technologies offer easy access to a rich, full-fidelity Windows environment running in the datacenter, from virtually any device. Through Hyper-V и Remote Desktop Services, Microsoft offers three flexible VDI deployment options in a single solution: Pooled Desktops, Personal Desktops, и Remote Desktop Sessions.
Гарантия 0 month(s)
Net weight 0.09 kg
Gross weight 0.10 kg
Language version English
64-bit Computing Yes
Minimum hard disk space 32 GB
Minimum RAM 2 GB
Minimum display resolution requirement 1024 x 768 pixels
Minimum processor speed 1.4 GHz
Producer product name Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, ROK
Optical drive required Yes

DELL EMC DELL Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, ROK, 1.4, 1024 x 768, ENG

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