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Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager CAL, License + Software assurance, OLV No Level, 1 Yr Aq Year 1, SNGL, Forefront Identity Manager

Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager CAL...

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Производитель: Microsoft
Код производителя: 7WC-00002
Гарантия: 12 месяцев

Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager CAL, License + Software assurance, OLV No Level, 1 Yr Aq Year 1, SNGL. Platform: Forefront Identity Manager

Microsoft Open Value Microsoft Open Value и Microsoft Open Value для Government are comprehensive Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements designed для small- и medium-business (SMB) organizations with 5 to 750 desktop PCs that want a flexible и affordable way to acquire the latest Microsoft technology. Open Value и Open Value для Government provide simplified license management для more control over IT investments, better management of software costs through the advantages of Microsoft Software Assurance для Volume Licensing—which is automatically included—и company-wide и non-company-wide options. License Type Open Value и Open Value для Government offer perpetual licenses, which are everlasting и valid if the licensed product is being used in accordance with the license-agreement requirements. Open Value и Open Value для Government customers own their licenses и have perpetual use of the licensed products under their agreements as of the time the licenses are acquired. Products Included In addition to the two defined desktop platforms—Microsoft Professional Desktop Platform и Microsoft Small Business Desktop Platform—Open и Open Value для Government offer a customized “build your own platform” model that will help give customers the flexibility they want without increasing complexity. Customers can mix и match products from the three desktop platform groups: - Microsoft Office System License и Software Assurance Packs - Windows Desktop Operating System Upgrade License и Software Assurance Packs - Server License и Software Assurance Packs для the company-wide option, customers must standardize desktop platform products on all desktop PCs across their organizations и must order licenses для all qualified devices that can run any of the chosen desktop platform products. The only devices that customers need not order licenses для are computers that are used as servers; devices that contain an embedded operating system, such as thin clients и Pocket PCs; и devices that are used only для line-of-business applications, like a hotel management system. All customers can acquire additional non-desktop platform products as specified in their license agreements. Download the most recent Microsoft Product List для Volume Licensing to see the wide selection of Microsoft software products (application, system, server, и services) available для Open Value и Open Value для Government. Microsoft Software Assurance для Volume Licensing Microsoft Software Assurance для Volume Licensing is a comprehensive maintenance offering that helps customers get the most out of their technology investments. It combines the latest software with phone support available 24 hours a day, partner services, training, и IT tools that help customers deploy, manage, и migrate software. Software Assurance benefits vary with each Volume Licensing program. In addition, server licenses come with benefits that are different from those для desktop licenses. Software Assurance is included для every license acquired through Open Value и Open Value для Government и can be used immediately throughout the term of the license agreement. Software Assurance benefits для Open Value и Open Value для Government extend across the software life cycle и cover planning, deployment, testing, usage, maintenance, и migration processes. Benefits include New Version Rights, Spread Payments, Desktop Deployment Planning Services, SharePoint Deployment Planning Services, Exchange Deployment Planning Services, Business Value Planning Services, Windows 7 Enterprise, the right to subscribe to the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack для Software Assurance, Training Vouchers, Microsoft E-Learning, Employee Purchase Program (company-wide option only), Home Use Program (для Microsoft Office system license и Software Assurance packs), 24?7 Problem-Resolution Support, Cold Backups для Disaster Recovery, TechNet Subscriptions Through Software Assurance, и Extended Hotfix Support. Forefront Identity Manager Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 changes the current state of identity management by providing powerful end user self-service capabilities. IT professionals are also given more tools to solve day-to-day tasks such as delegating administration и creating workflows для common identity management tasks. In addition, FIM 2010 is built on a .NET и WS-* based foundation для developers to build more customized и extensible solutions. Empowering people - With FIM 2010 end-users can easily perform self-service tasks such as group и distribution list management with self-help tools integrated into a SharePoint-based console as well as directly in Microsoft Office Outlook. - FIM 2010 provides IT professionals with the tools they need to manage identities through a SharePoint-based policy и workflow management console. - Developers have access to extensibility features through extensive public APIs. Delivering agility и efficiency - FIM 2010 integrates enterprises' heterogeneous infrastructure, including directories, databases, и line of business applications. - FIM 2010 enables management of heterogeneous strong authentication systems, such as third-party certificate authorities. Increasing security и compliance - FIM 2010 provides management features that enable system auditing и compliance. By integrating the tools IT uses to manage identities, credentials, и resources, FIM 2010 helps organizations integrate policies across the organization и secure the enterprise. - Integrated management tools allow organizations to better enjoy the security benefits of strong authentication.

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