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Triikraud Philips Käsiaurutaja, valge, kokkupandav,

Triikraud Philips Käsiaurutaja, valge...

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91 €

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Tootja: Philips
OX.ee kaubakood:2130800
Tootekood: STH7030/10
  • 8720389007453
Pretensiooni esitamise aeg: 12 kuud

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Unique adjustable head
The innovative adjustable head means you can smooth creases at any angle, giving you the option to steam vertically or horizontally — whichever you choose!
Pointed steam plate tip
The steam plate features a pointed tip so you can easily smooth creases with extra precision in hard-to-reach areas like buttons, collars and pleats.
Ready to use in 30 seconds
Whenever you need it, your steamer is ready to use in just 30 seconds. The light indicates when you are ready to start so you're finished in no-time. Ideal forthose last minute outfit decisions.
OptimalTEMP technology
OptimalTEMP technology guarantees no burns on any ironable fabric, so you can enjoy worry-free steaming.
Up to 28 g/min continuous steam
Up to 28 g/min of continuous powerful steam relaxes fabric fibres so creases can be smoothed quickly, ensuring your garments look their best.
Two exchangeable water tanks
Whatever you need de-wrinkling, its up to the job. With exchangeable 100 ml and 200 ml water tanks to make sure your whole outfit is de-wrinkled in one go.
Kills 99.9% of bacteria
Besides de-wrinkling, 7000 Series also refreshes clothes (and soft furnishings, curtains, toys) and removes odors by killing up to 99.9% of bacteria.
2 Steam settings
2 steam settings: ECO mode to save water without compromising on steaming results, MAX mode to provide more steam power.
No ironing board needed
7000 Series has a compact design making it the perfect on-the-go solution to steam your clothes anytime, anywhere. No ironing board needed.
Heat-resistant storage pouch
Ever found yourself guessing when it’s ok to put away a warm iron? Not anymore. With heat-resistant storage pouch, you can safely store your steamer.
Gentle care for your clothes and the environment: quickly refresh and remove odours from your garments to wear more. Steam your clothes that don't need a wash yet and refresh them for another day of wear.
Durable, lasts longer
Durable, lasts up to 70% longer.
Sügavus 35.5 cm
Värvus white
Laius 12.9 cm
Pikkus 35.5 cm
Kõrgus 14.1 cm
Koguvõimsus 1500 W
Laius 12.9 cm
Steam True
Veepaagi maht 200 ml
Koguvõimsus 1500 W
Vertikaalne aur True
Continuous steam 28 g/min
Water container capacity 200 ml
Soleplate metal
Käepideme tüüp avatud
Ширина 12.9 cm
Высота 14.1 cm
Глубина 35.5 cm
Тип отпариватель
Handle type open
Мощность 1500 W
aur True
Отпаривание True
pidev auru hulk 28 g/min
Постоянная подача пара 28 g/min
vertikaalne aur True
Вертикальное отпаривание True
Тип рукоятки открытая
iron type steam generator
triikimisseadme tüüp aurukeskus
power cord length 2.5 m
toitejuhtme pikkus 2.5 m
Длина шнура 2.5 m
Объем резервуара для воды 200 ml
special characteristics adjustable steam head, no burns guaranteed, ready in 30 seconds, exchangeable water tank, kills up to 99,9% of bacteria, refreshes and removes odours, 2 steam levels
steamer type handheld
auruti tüüp käsiauruti
Тип отпаривателя портативный

Triikraud Philips Käsiaurutaja, valge, kokkupandav,

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