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Canon EF 1.4x III, SLR, 7/3, Extender, valge, 27.2, 1.4

Canon EF 1.4x III, SLR, 7/3, Extender...

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Tootja: Canon
OX.ee kaubakood:294923
Tootekood: 4409B005
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Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Canon EF 1.4x III. Component for: SLR, Lens structure (elements/groups): 7/3, Lens type: Extender. Colour of product: White. Length: 27.2. Magnification: 1.4

Ideal for press, sports and nature photography, this compact extender increases the focal length of Canon L-series telephoto or telephoto zoom lens’ by a factor of 1.4x, with higher AF accuracy and improved communication between camera and lens. Focal length extension for super-telephoto lenses The Extender EF 1.4x III is specially designed to work in conjunction with L-series IS super-telephoto lenses, extending their focal length by a factor of 1.4x. The extender's design ensures there is no loss of lens performance or image quality. High-quality construction Improved anti-reflection materials inside the lens-barrel and a coating around the outer edges of the lens elements reduce flare. Construction is resistant to dust and water, helping to maintain images quality. Improved communication between lens and camera A built in microprocessor provides accurate transfer of data from between the lens and camera delivering an improved performance in AF and metering. Compatible with L-Series telephoto and telephoto zoom lenses The Extender EF 1.4x III is compatible with most telephoto and telephoto zoom lenses within Canon’s flagship professional L-series range, extending the focal length while only reducing the effective aperture of the lens by one stop.
Mõõtmed 72,0 x 27,2 mm
Tüüp Tele Konverter
Kaal 225 g
Objektiiv Construction 7/3 (elements/groups)
Lisad Soft case LP811
Lisakirjeldus Resistant to dust/moisture

Canon EF 1.4x III, SLR, 7/3, Extender, valge, 27.2, 1.4

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