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Microsoft Office Professional Plus, 1u, EDU, OLV-E, 1y, MLNG, Multilingual, 500 MHz, Internet Explorer 6.0 VGA 1024x768, PC, Windows XP SP2 Windows Server 2003 SP1+

Microsoft Office Professional Plus, 1u, EDU...

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53 €

Tootja: Microsoft
Tootekood: 2FJ-00005
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Microsoft Office Professional Plus, 1u, EDU, OLV-E, 1y, MLNG. Language version: Multilingual. Minimum processor: 500 MHz, Minimum system requirements: Internet Explorer 6.0 VGA 1024x768. Platform: PC, Compatible operating systems: Windows XP SP2 Windows Server 2003 SP1+

Manage your business efficiently and effectively Manage your entire business with Microsoft Office Professional Plus. This product includes all the user-friendly business software included with Microsoft Office Professional plus InfoPath - Microsoft Office Excel to analyze your business information, create spreadsheets, and track time, costs, resources, and people; - Microsoft Office Word to create, manage, save, and edit documents; - Microsoft Office Publisher to produce professional publications; - Microsoft Office Outlook with Business Contact Manager to manage customers, contacts, and sales; - Microsoft Office PowerPoint to create dynamic sales presentations; - Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 to save time, get organized, and do business online with complete accounting for small businesses; - Microsoft Access to create a database and then filter, sort, graph, and visualize business information; - InfoPath to lower the cost of executing business transactions and processes with advanced electronic forms technologies; - Communicator to communicate more easily with colleagues and clients in different locations and time zones using a variety of communication techniques including Instant Messaging, voice, and video. Get the job done quickly and easily with these features: - Develop professional documents with Word building blocks and commonly-used business templates available in Word including invoices, time sheets, and receipts; - Build informative, accurate spreadsheets with easy-to-use, preformatted formulas using Excel; - Manage e-mail, daily appointments, and tasks with Outlook; - Produce flyers, spec sheets, brochures, and business cards with Publisher; - Create sales presentations with PowerPoint; - Manage sales and clients with Business Contact Manager; - Create a database that contains company information and data, and analyze that data to improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness; - Import existing financial data into Accounting Express from other programs such as Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Money, and QuickBooks, and manage all of your financial information in one place; - Coordinate schedules easily even when users are in different time zones with Communicator; - Deploy forms in Outlook using InfoPath and then export the data acquired in Excel; - Use Ledger Sheets in Excel to manage business finances like budgeting, accounting, and invoicing; - Apply SmartArt graphics to create polished presentations and reports; - Connect with others through Microsoft Office Exchange Server support; - Use the Instant Search feature in Outlook to find information quickly, even information buried inside the body of an e-mail; - Improved design and analysis tools in Access help you create more effective database objects; - Extend electronic forms beyond your firewall by using Infopath to enable form completion with Web browsers.

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