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CISCO kaabel low-loss 6m + RP-TNC connector

CISCO kaabel low-loss 6m + RP-TNC connector

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135 €

Tootja: CISCO
Tootekood: AIR-CAB020LL-R
  • 746320667737
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Cisco kaabel low-loss 6m + RP-TNC connector

The antennas in a juhtmevaba network installation must be close to the users. The location of the antennas are not necessarily required to be close to the connected switch or to a computer room. The kaabel run can be 100 feet or more from the AP or bridge to antenna locations. RF energy is carried between the antennas and the radio equipment through a coaxial kaabel. An antenna kaabel introduces signal loss in the antenna system for both the transmitter and receiver. To reduce signal loss, minimize the kaabel length and use only low-loss or ultra low-loss antenna kaabel to connect radio devices to antennas. RF coaxial kaabel = loss of signal strength Loss of signal strength is directly proportionate to the length of the kaabel segment. As the diameter of the kaabel increases, signal loss is decreased, but at much higher purchase cost. As signal frequency increases (higher numbered channel) loss increases. Low-loss kaabel extends the length between any Cisco Aironet product and its antenna. With a loss of 6.7 dB per 100 feet (30m) for low-loss kaabel and 4.4 dB for the ultra low-loss kaabel, these cables provide installation flexibility without a significant sacrifice in range or performance.
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