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CISCO SPA 508G, base, LCD, 128 x 64, Monochrome, 2.5 mm, 214 x 212 x 44 167 €

Код производителя: CISCO SPA508G
Кол-во на складе партнёра: 100+ шт

Срок доставки: 3-14 рабочих дней

CISCO SPA514G, LCD, 128 x 64, G.711, G.722, G.726, G.729A, IPv4, ARP, DNS, DHCP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, FCC class B, CE, 0 - 40 163 €

Код производителя: CISCO SPA514G
Кол-во на складе партнёра: 100+ шт

Срок доставки: 3-14 рабочих дней

CISCO SPA500S 32-button console SPA500 59 €

Код производителя: CISCO SPA500S
Кол-во на складе партнёра: 3 шт

Срок доставки: 0-5 рабочих дней

CISCO SPA 500S, чёрный

CISCO SPA 500S, чёрный

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61 €

Производитель: CISCO
Код производителя: SPA500S
Гарантия: 12 месяцев

Cisco SPA 500S. Colour: Black

The Cisco® SPA 500S Expansion Module (Figure 1) is part of the Cisco Small Business Pro Series and designed for use with the Cisco SPA 500 Series IP Phones. It is an ideal solution for small businesses wanting to simplify incoming call handling by quickly directing calls to the requested party and also to monitor line status from a central location. The attendant console easily attaches to a SPA 500 Series IP Phone, providing 32 programmable speed-dial or direct station select (DSS) buttons, each illuminating the line's status (idle, ringing, busy, or null) via the BLF. Incoming calls can immediately be transferred to the proper location with the push of a button assigned to the extension. The modular design of the Cisco SPA 500S permits up to two attendant consoles to be deployed, for a total of 64 buttons, offering an affordable solution that expands with the growth of your voice network. Installation and setup is just a matter of connecting the supplied bracket and cable to the attendant console, which uses the phone's power supply; no additional power source is required. Based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the Cisco SPA 500S has been tested to ensure comprehensive interoperability with equipment from voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure leaders, enabling service providers to offer competitive, feature-rich services to their customers. Features - 32 programmable multicolored LED buttons - Illuminated line status monitoring (green for idle, red for in use, blinking red for ringing, orange for registration error) - Call transfer - Speed dial - DSS - Busy lamp field - One-touch transfer - Call pickup
Содержимое упаковки SPA500S 32-Button Attendant ConsoleQuick Start GuideAttachment ArmAttachment Arm Screws (2)Auxiliary Interconnect CableStand
Данные товара link
Дополнительные свойства The SPA500S Attendant Console is used with the SPA500 Series IP Phone models to provide additional linesThe SPA500S has 32 LEDs/buttons for dialing, call transfer, call pick up and call monitoringMulti-colored LEDs monitor the status of each con
Гарантия 3 months

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CISCO Linksys Блок питания 5V/2A, 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz, Black 12,40 €

Код производителя: CISCO PA100-EU
Кол-во на складе партнёра: 50+ шт

Срок доставки: 1-4 рабочих дня

CISCO SPA 501G, цифровой, 2.5 mm, Svart, 214 x 212 x 44 106 €

Код производителя: CISCO SPA501G
Кол-во на складе партнёра: 50+ шт

Срок доставки: 3-14 рабочих дней

CISCO IP Phone Блок питания 39,90 €

Код производителя: CISCO CP-PWR-CUBE-3=
Кол-во на складе партнёра: 100+ шт

Срок доставки: 4-10 рабочих дней

CISCO двойной footstand для Cisco IP Phone Expansion Module 7914 36,10 €

Кол-во на складе партнёра: 2 шт

Срок доставки: 4-10 рабочих дней

CISCO IP Phone 7975 GIG 523 €

Код производителя: CISCO CP-7975G=
Кол-во на складе партнёра: 1 шт

Срок доставки: 6-10 рабочих дней

CISCO SPA500DS, LCD, 128 x 320, 5.5, FCC, cUL, CEICES, 0 - 40, 5 - 95 132 €

Код производителя: CISCO SPA500DS
Кол-во на складе партнёра: 50+ шт

Срок доставки: 3-14 рабочих дней

CISCO Stand f 7914 Expansion Module 31,60 €

Кол-во на складе партнёра: 30+ шт

Срок доставки: 4-10 рабочих дней

CISCO SPA502G IP Phone 101 €

Код производителя: CISCO SPA502G
Кол-во на складе партнёра: 10+ шт

Срок доставки: 0-5 рабочих дней

CISCO SPA504G IP Phone 116 €

Код производителя: CISCO SPA504G
Кол-во на складе партнёра: 5 шт

Срок доставки: 0-5 рабочих дней

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