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33 €

Tootekood: ICUSB232FTN
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Garantiiaeg: 24 kuud

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Kirjeldus ICUSB232FTN

The ICUSB232FTN FTDI USB to Null Modem Serial adapter kaabel (1-Port) converts an saadaval USB 1.1 or 2.0 port into an RS232 Null Modem serial DB9 port, solving DCE/DTE conflicts directly, without requiring additional cross-wired serial cables or adapters. This compact adapter features COM retention, allowing the same COM port value to automatically be re-assigned to the port if the kaabel is disconnected and re-connected to the host computer, or if the system is rebooted. The integrated FTDI chipset supports additional customization, advanced features, and compatibility not necessarily offered by other solutions. The USB to Null Modem adapter is compatible with a broad list of operating systems including Windows®, Windows CE, Mac OS and Linux, making it easier to integrate into mixed environments. Backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. The Advantage USB to Null Modem serial adapter corrects DTE/DCE conflicts without requiring additional adapters or cables The FTDI chipset is highly customizable and broadly compatible, making it the ideal solution for any setup Portable USB-Powered design requires no bulky power adapter or outlet Features - USB to Null Modem (Cross-Wired) RS232 Serial adapter - Integrated FTDI USB UART Chip - Baud Rate up to 921.6Kbps - COM Port assignments maintained across reboot - USB-powered - no external power adapter required - Compatible with USB 1.1 or 2.0 Ports - Compatible with Windows®, Mac OS and Linux - Single kaabel design for portability Applications - Perfect for IT Administrators looking to add legacy functionality to newer notebooks, PCs and servers that lack an integrated RS232 port - Connect, monitor and control industrial/automotive sensors and equipment - Connect bar code scanners, receipt printers and other point of sale devices - Connect and program LED and Digital signage boards with serial communication ports - Connect a satellite receiver, serial modem, or PDU ICUSB232FTN



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Tarneaeg: 4-7 tööpäeva ICUSB2321F, DB9, USB 2.0 A, Male/Male, Black, 1.83, CE, FCC, RoHS 31.10 €

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Tarneaeg: 4-7 tööpäeva 1-1/4" Dia. Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet for PC Cases (4/pkg), Black, 25.00, 152.00 4.60 €

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Tarneaeg: 4-7 tööpäeva

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