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Тонер HP C6119A Black Bulk Ink Supply TIJ 2.5 Print Cartridges

Тонер HP C6119A Black Bulk Ink Supply TIJ...

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Производитель: Noname
Артикул OX.ee:268036
Код производителя: C6119A
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Гарантия: 12 месяцев

HP C6119A Black Bulk Ink Supply, TIJ 2.5 Print Cartridges

HP designed the C6119A bulk ink delivery system for high-volume applications that require high-quality results, low cost per print, and infrequent ink supply intervention. This system consists of a print cartridge and a water-resistant black ink supply, connected by a tube. It is designed to print 600 dots per inch in applications where high-quality output on porous media is required. Non-contact, drop-on-demand inkjet technology delivers reliable, quiet printing. Integrated Driver Head (IDH) technology coordinates individual nozzles through a multiplexing scheme that fires all 300 nozzles through 52 interconnect pads. The print cartridge can be snapped in and out for easy replacement, while the high-capacity bulk ink delivery system makes those replacements less frequent. The print cartridge has a thermal sense resistor, which measures temperature, and enables thermal management and burnout protection for the printhead.

Тонер HP C6119A Black Bulk Ink Supply TIJ 2.5 Print Cartridges

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