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HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE HP 1x4 USB/PS2 KVM Console Switch Workstation KVM Switches, 3090 g, 33.03 x 10.02 x 4.36 mm


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214 €

Tootekood: AF611A
  • 4948382490636,
  • 882780907553
Garantiiaeg: 36 kuud

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HP 1x4 USB/PS2 KVM Console Switch, Workstation KVM Switches. Weight & dimensions: 3090 g. Other funktsioonid: 33.03 x 10.02 x 4.36 mm

Do you need to share some key USB peripherals? Do you need to have control of as many as four computers from a single console? The HP Workstation KVM Switches provide the flexibility and performance for small businesses to connect up to four computers and share peripherals. With the Workstation KVM Switches, you can easily share as many as three USB peripheral including DVD-ROM burners, printers, and scanners. You can connect multiple workstations to a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Support for both USB and PS/2 devices and the upgradeable firmware means that you can buy a KVM switch today that will work in the future. New high speed USB 2.0 pass-through ability improves data transfer speeds when upgrading applications or operating systems. Flexible mounting allows the switch to work in table top or rack mount applications.

• The HP Workstation KVM Switches allow four USB or PS/2 computers to share one USB or PS2 console and three USB peripheral devices such as printers and scanners.

Easy To Use
• You switch between computers by typing a command at the keyboard or pressing a button on the front of unit. The selected computer receives the typed characters and displays its output on the monitor. You can also use the mouse to interact with the graphical interface of the selected computer.

Easy To Set Up
• Simply set up the HP Workstation KVM Switches and connect the peripherals and computers, no configuration software is required.
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  • One console controls 4 computers, 3 additional USB 2.0 devices, video quality - 2048 x 1536, DDC2B
  • Dual interface – supports computers with PS/2 or USB keyboards and mice
  • Supports computers with PS/2 or USB keyboards and mice. Accepts
  • Garantii 3 years
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    HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE HP 1x4 USB/PS2 KVM Console Switch Workstation KVM Switches, 3090 g, 33.03 x 10.02 x 4.36 mm

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